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  -- William Gheen , President of ALIPAC
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  • Action Alert: 6 Days To Stop Amnesty for Illegals On Election Day

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Happy Halloween from ALIPAC! Big thanks to each of you that helped us raise the funds we need to finish out the 2012 elections. Please remember that our new funds deadline is now November 15.

    We have 6 days left to do all we can to identify and assist federal candidates that stand with us against illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty that will be pushed by invasion supporters in 2013.

    Remember that the outcome of the next amnesty vote will be determined on Election Day in 6 days and the outcome of those elections depend on you!


    3 Steps to Take

    Step 1: CIRCULATE

    Share ALIPAC's endorsements with all of your contacts. Since 80% of Americans favor immigration enforcement instead of amnesty you can share our endorsements with confidence. Our endorsements have been viewed tens of thousands of times due to our strong presence on the Internet and due to local media coverage of our endorsements. While our restricted budget will not allow us to run online ads in swing districts as we had hoped, you can share our endorsements using e-mails, Social Media, word of mouth, and favorable mentions during calls to talk radio shows and online broadcasts.

    Please help the campaigns closest to you. If there is not an endorsed campaign near you then you need to help us identify one to support or should have helped us survey your local candidates before now. There is still time.

    Please circulate this link with as many others as possible over the next 6 days!

    ALIPAC 2012 Endorsements

    You can also reach our endorsements by clicking on the two large banners displayed on each page at or the word campaigns on our top blue tool bar.

    Step 2: VOLUNTEER and DONATE to Campaigns

    ALIPAC was founded by campaign volunteers and has served illegal immigration fighting activists in elections since 2004. The elite political forces supporting the illegal alien invasion of our American homeland are loaded with big money from La Raza, The US Chamber of Commerce, Bank of America, The Ford Foundation, and many others. We are able to beat them because 80% of the public is truly on our side.

    It is thanks to a much smaller group of dedicated activists that these well financed powers can be defeated. If you have funds then please donate to and volunteer on our campaigns. If you do not have funds then please volunteer on our campaigns. If you do not have funds because you do not have a job, then volunteer on one of our campaigns and use the connections you make doing so to get a new job.

    Please review ALIPAC's Volunteer plans. There is a lot you can do in the final 6 days to help our candidates!

    ALIPAC Calls For Historic Campaign Volunteers (4/25/12)

    Step 3: REPORT

    If you are one of ALIPAC's volunteers that is already deployed, please email in reports to Please let us know which campaign you are on and what the campaign has you doing. We are also interested to know more about how the illegal immigration issue is being used in your campaign and if you are seeing any of the mayhem we are tracking out there? Please take the time to update us so we can monitor our national effort.

    We hope to be making new endorsements over the next few days. We will also do our best to stir up local press coverage of our endorsements for our candidates.

    Let's give the 2012 election cycle all we can muster over the next 6 days!

    Let's Roll!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Our current funds drive is at $13,000 of the $30,000 we must raise by Nov 15. Please donate soon by mail, credit card, or Paypal at...
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