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  • OBAMA GIVES OVER $12 BILLION TO ILLEGAL ALIENS IN MEXICO - Beat Obama Committee urges Congress to close tax loophole for illegal aliens

    Illegal immigrants stole $4.2 billion from the IRS in 2010. They stole even more last year, and they’ll do it again this year unless Americans can convince the U.S. Senate to act.

    Here’s what’s happening. Illegal immigrants are signing up for an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). They can’t get a Social Security card like a legal immigrant, but our federal government has been helpfully providing them with the ITIN instead. Surprisingly, many illegals are in fact signing up for a number. And now we know the reason why.

    Beat Obama Committee urges Congress to close tax loophole for illegal aliens

    Harry Reid has blocked the Senate from closing a $4.2 billion tax loophole that benefits illegal aliens.
    Photo credit: T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

    Henderson, Nevada -
    Charles Benninghoff
    LA Conservative Examiner
    May 28, 2012

    If a person files taxes with an ITIN, they can claim child tax credits and other refunds on their returns. What government accountants have discovered is that some illegal aliens are claiming their children back in Mexico as dependents. Some of them are even claiming their nieces and nephews as their dependents, and raking in close to $10,000 in refunds and tax credits.

    $4.2 billion in tax credits and refunds went to illegal immigrants with an ITIN in 2010. And now one Senator has blocked legislation to close the loophole. You can read more about the issue in the Beat Obama Committee's article entitled, Illegal Immigrants Stealing Billions through Tax Loophole.
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