• BREAKING NEWS! Obama Birth Certificate Ruled a Forgery by Police

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Please share this breaking news with everyone you can. The Lame Stream Media is going to move into position to immediately defend Obama. We need you to get the details out from the source!

    While there are some serious problems for many viewers with the live stream of today's press conference, World Net Daily has released this synopsis.

    It appears that the Maricopa County Sheriff's department has determined there is PROBABLE CAUSE to believe the long form birth certificate of "Barack Obama" released by the White House is a forgery. Police also believe that Obama's Selective Service card is a "poor forgery". Dr. Jerome Corsi is reporting that he spoke with Andrew Breitbart yesterday around 5pm and arranged an interview for him with Sheriff Arpaio. Corsi says it may have been Breitbart's last interview.

    Andrew Breitbart died unexpectedly shortly after midnight this morning on this auspicious day.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of America's most respected lawmen, but the Associated Press is attacking him over this as we expected since the Associated Press has been caught lying and distorting the truth on numerous occasions.

    They are elevating their investigation now to a CRIMINAL PROBE and calling for Congress to launch a Congressional investigation.

    Here is the synopsis of the report and the supporting videos.

    Sheriff Joe's posse: 'Probable cause' Obama certificate a fraud
    Arpaio elevates to criminal probe, person of interest ID'd

    Sheriff Joe’s posse: ‘Probable cause’ Obama certificate a fraud

    Please forward and study this information and prepare to engage in the national debate that is about to follow.

    If you would like to join our calls for Congress to launch an official investigation into the forgery of this document and the eligibility of Barack Obama and the legitimacy of his executive memos ordering an unlawful and unConstituional amnesty for for illegal aliens, please access our Congressional contact information page at this link...

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      Fast Forward to 2:55

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      nomas -
      You'll have to drag him there! This is AWESOME!!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by nomas View Post
      You'll have to drag him there! This is AWESOME!!!

      ERIC HOLDER doesn't have enough lies in his trick bag to cover this one up. In fact, Eric, how's it going in those Congressional Fast and Furious Hearings about now?
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      HAPPY2BME -

      Barack Obama's citizenship questioned

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      From Feb 10, 2012 on Youtube.

      Breitbart: I Have Obama College Films

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      I keep on thinking back to when Lou Dobbs was still on CNN back in 2009, and he was trying to give the story the coverage it deserved. Lou had on various guests, such as Orly Taitz and Ted Poe. Lou wanted to gather as much probing information as possible, presumably with a series of shows on this subject. But Lou unexpectedly left CNN within 1-2 months before doing any more revealing shows.

      I remember when Bill O'Reilly was interviewing Lou after Lou left CNN. They both admitted that the pressures at CNN was getting to be insurmountable. Then Bill added the dig, "And the Birther issue didn't seem to help either". Lou simply explained that he was simply covering the news. At the time, Lou said that he believed that Obama was an eligible President, and that he was covering the news on how a high-ranking military man was about to be court-martialed for questioning Obama's legitimacy as Commander in Chief, and refusing to serve until this was resolved. Whether this military man was "way off base" or not, this is still news that needs to be covered.

      Ironically, Obama released his multi-layered Long-Form Birth Certificate to the regular Mainstream News Media right after the military man was finally court-martialed.

      I've been wondering why Glenn Beck refuses to give this issue the coverage that it deserves. Instead, he jokes about it on his radio show. And Glenn purports to dig for the truth on issues "no matter what sacred cow gets in the way", or so he says.