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  • ALIPAC To File Official Protests Of Illegal Immigrant Voters Detected In Nevada

    ALIPAC To File Official Protests Of Illegal Immigrant Voters Detected In Nevada

    For Immediate National Release

    November 4, 2012

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    Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee plans to immediately file official written complaints with the Clark County, Nevada, Board of Elections, the state board of elections, and the Federal Elections Commission regarding the documentation provided today by the Las Vegas Review-Journal that numerous illegal immigrants and non-citizens are registering and voting in federal elections that will decide which Presidential candidate or political party controls the White House and US Senate.

    The written complaints will demand full investigations and that all illegal voters be removed from the vote results, and that a special investigation be launched into the 2010 Election between US Senator Harry Reid and Tea Party favorite Sharon Angle where large numbers of immigrant workers were ordered by casino and hotel bosses to vote for Harry Reid.

    "If the elections in Las Vegas are rigged then the public has no reason to trust the fairness of anything in Nevada including their games," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "We are going to call on the local boards of election, the state, and the feds to get those illegal voters out of the vote count for 2012 or we will launch a national intensive and sustained boycott of Las Vegas and their illegal alien work forces working for the Democrat-controlled unions in the hotels and casinos."

    ALIPAC first warned America of illegal immigrant voters in numerous media appearances in 2010.

    William Gheen was the first guest on Election Day 2010 on Fox News where he warned that the Democratic strategy was to stall the Tea Party advance by fielding large numbers of illegal alien voters. This national warning has since been further substantiated by reports from media and state governments detecting illegal voters and this latest research conducted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal interviewed "immigrant" workers who say they were threatened with deportation if they did not allow the Culinary Local 226 union to register them to vote. The article written by Glenn Cook documents their claims and indicates the problem involves many more immigrants. In 2010, e-mails were leaked from casinos showing upper management threatening middle managers if their immigrant workers did not turn out to vote for Harry Reid.

    These explosive findings are of national import and indicate that illegal alien voters are likely to be voting in large numbers and displacing and replacing American voters. In response to this problem, US Senator David Vitter has just filed a bill making voting by illegal immigrants a deportable offense.

    "American voters and taxpayers are harmed by every illegal alien that votes," said William Gheen. "I truly believe that Harry Reid was re-elected by illegal immigrants, and if my suspicions are correct it means that his government... that our government is currently illegitimate, illegal, and in place by the influence of foreign powers. In which case, we need to restore the American government into the hands of US voters and citizens immediately!"

    In 2010, US Senate candidate Sharron Angle filed a complaint with the Justice Department in response to leaked emails from Harrah's casino executives that appear to show how Harrah's executives launched an effort to wrangle their employees, many of which are non citizens, and drive them to the polls to vote early for Reid.

    ALIPAC will be calling on the state of Nevada to access the same Department of Homeland Security databases that states like Colorado and Florida are using to remove the non-citizens from the voter rolls that have been detected there. In Nevada, these removals will need to be applied before the vote tallies are counted.

    For more information about ALIPAC's efforts to stop illegal immigrants from stealing American votes and US Elections or to schedule interviews please visit www.ALIPAC.us

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    1. AmericanElizabeth's Avatar
      AmericanElizabeth -
      Oregon is just as easy to cheat in, everything is done by mail in vote, who's checking anything? I think it is high time for Oregonians to bump this easily cheated in system for walk in polls again, and to be asking for ID. I think OFIR needs to be contacted and see what can be done. This is very disheartening, imagine enoug in every state that does not check, and this could most certainly tip the scale in a federal election. We know the left does not want verification as this means they would not have the stranglehold they have right now.
    1. thestorm's Avatar
      thestorm -
      Ohio is just as bad. They require no voter ID. We have to work on this throughout the nation. u.n. poll watchers were amazed that America required no proof of ID to vote. That coming from the u.n. is telling.