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      -- William Gheen , President of ALIPAC
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  • Warning: ALIPAC Goes Into Emergency Mode

    Attention all illegal immigration fighters!

    ALIPAC must now go into emergency mode to save our organization once again.

    Over the last year or so, some of our supporters have waited till the last minute to donate in our three six week long funding drives.

    That time has come again! We only have 10 days left to meet our minimum funding levels to keep ALIPAC in the fight against illegal immigration and against amnesty for illegals.

    As of today, we have only raised $14,236 of the $30,000 minimum we must raise by March 1, 2013, to keep America's 3rd largest illegal immigration fighting group operational.

    Since this means we must raise more than $1,000 per day for the next 10 days, all of ALIPAC's activism efforts must be put on hold and all remaining staff and volunteers must focus on fund raising.

    ALIPAC does not have the funds to even meet our obligations for February.

    We need immediate donations by mail and our secure online donations link to help us get back on track. We must raise over $1,000 per day to save ALIPAC. Our existing donors, check your mailboxes for our letters and please reply.

    To the over 95% of you receiving our free email alerts and social media alerts, news, and activism messages, now would be a good time to add your support to our efforts.

    Donate now via

    to donate by mail, please send personal checks to

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864

    PS: Please return us to the fight against Amnesty 2013 at a time where you need every resource possible fighting to stop the permanent destruction of our borders that will come if DC lawmakers legalize millions of illegal aliens putting them on the path to becoming a new dominant voting bloc and work force component that will harm Americans in many ways.
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    1. csarbww's Avatar
      csarbww -
      It troubles me that your organization repeatedly misses its fundraising goals. If most of those who regularly visit this web site were truly serious about preserving our national sovereignty the money in your treasury would always exceed your operating expenses.

      Although other organizations are great sources of information they seem rather passive compared to your group. You emphasize individual activity and facilitate interaction among your members. This is critical because ultimately political battles are a test of wills. We must be more tenacious than our enemies. With rare exceptions people need repeated prodding and encouragement to sustain a long fight -- your group does that.

      Everyone reading this must know that if we loose the battle against the open borders lobby our country and our society will be irrevocably destroyed.

      So, how about it patriots? Send these people some $$$$$. Or are you just game playing?