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    TEXAS - The Lone Star State

    Stolen Identity, IRS says prove it. Judge says not illegal

    Newport couple faces taxes on income never earned
    BY ROBERT MOORE, Tribune Staff Writer

    For Lora and Jamey Costner, a $7,854 federal income tax bill is the
    painful indigestion that followed two unsatisfying servings of
    identity theft cooked up by two former Koch Foods employees, records

    The criminal cases involving the Newport married couple and the two
    illegal immigrants, who IRS records indicate worked for Koch Foods,
    have been resolved in the court system.

    The bitter aftertaste that remains is the unpalatable possibility of
    having their wages garnished to pay tax bills on income they never
    earned at the Morristown chicken-processing plant.

    "The overall burden of it all is crushing us, please help," the
    Costners wrote in an appeal to U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn. "We have
    done all we know to do."

    Mrs. Costner says she realized the magnitude of the problem in July
    when the IRS informed her that she and her husband failed to report
    approximately $30,000 in income they earned at Koch Foods during

    The Costners say it's easy to prove they both worked at Wallace
    Hardware in Morristown during 2005. Relatedly, Mrs. Costner maintains
    it's child's play to prove they never worked at Koch Foods during
    that year.

    Tim Steffin, Koch Foods human resources manager, did not return a
    telephone call to comment on the identity-theft cases this morning.

    Mrs. Costner says the first indication that something might go badly
    in July came five months earlier in February when she was out of work
    due to an on-the-job injury.

    Mrs. Costner says state labor officials told her she should not be
    drawing workers compensation benefits through Wallace Hardware
    because she had returned to work at Koch Foods the previous month
    following another on-the-job injury.

    Records indicate that someone using her maiden name — Hale — and her
    Social Security number had fallen off a production line at the Koch
    Foods deboning plant in the East Tennessee Progress Center, according
    to the Newport woman.

    "I've never deboned a chicken in my life," she said Wednesday

    The foreshadowing for Mr. Costner materialized in April 2006 when
    learned that he was in danger of losing his driver's license because
    of unpaid citations for speeding and driving without insurance.

    The traffic stop came at 3 o'clock in the morning while Mr. Costner
    was asleep. Also, the driver reportedly did not speak English.

    Police identified Mrs. Costner's impersonator as Elizabeth Velasco
    Bautista, who later pleaded guilty to criminal impersonation,
    according to Detective Bob Ellis with the Morristown Police

    The interloper in Mr. Costner's life was Douglas Valdez, according to
    Ellis. Ellis says Valdez avoided the identity-theft charge because a
    judge ruled that it was not a crime to use someone's identity to
    obtain employment.

    Valdez reportedly served 45 days on other charges. Mrs. Costner says
    her sister lived with Valdez at one time, and she's convinced that's
    how their identities were stolen.

    Mrs. Costner says when she discovered her identity-theft trail
    appeared to lead to Koch Foods, she contacted the Koch Foods human
    resources manager.

    She alleges that Steffin was uncooperative and indicated he could not
    verify whether or not the Lora Hale that was working at Koch Foods
    had assumed her identity.

    In a matter of minutes, the MPD detective conclusively determined
    that the woman who was working under the name Lora Hale at Koch Foods
    was actually Elizabeth Velasco Bautista.

    The response that Mrs. Costner alleges she received from Steffin is
    similar to the treatment described by Julie Wheeler, a Maine woman
    whose identity was stolen when she lived in Morristown.

    Detective Sgt. Randall Noe arrested a 27-year-old Koch Foods employee
    named Lucia Perez last week and charged her with identity theft in
    connection with the Wheeler case.

    Wheeler alleges Steffin was reluctant to act on her complaint. She
    was in peril of having to repay $14,000 in disability benefits
    because IRS records showed she had been working at Koch Foods for the
    past two years.

    Wheeler maintains she was living in Maine for the past two years.
    Wheeler says she's sorting out the problems involving her disability

    The Costners remain in IRS legal limbo. The agency hasn't begun
    garnishing their wages, but Mrs. Costner says she fears that could
    begin any day.

    What's more, the Costner's $7,854 IRS bill is for the 2005 calendar
    year. Mrs. Costner says she believes it's only a matter of time until
    they receive a delinquent tax notice for the time the two imposters
    worked at Koch Foods during 2006.

    Ellis wrote a letter on the Costners behalf, attempting to resolve
    the identity-theft morass, but the correspondence didn't bring
    immediate results.

    Wednesday afternoon, Paul Chapman, a field representative for U.S.
    Rep. David Davis, R-Tenn., said he would intervene on the Costner's

    Chapman says he's been successful in the past resolving issues with
    the IRS in cases where it's clear that an error had been made.

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    Does that mean it would be legal for them to start working under the Judge's name?

    While their doing it could they file for bankruptcy in their own name and immediately be eligible to buy a new house and an Escalade?

    I'm a little confused here. I'll bet we could could go a long ways to getting things straightened out with a trial of aiding and abetting against that judge.

    Link to the story.

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    God I pray that ALL VICTIMS of identity theft by illegals sue the pants off companies that have allowed this to happen.

    I hope the Costners can go after all the companies that hired this piece of crap, and have the company pay the IRS!!!

    These companies should be held accountable, if they don't they will continue on with allowing illegals using false numbers knowingly they are ruining the real person behind that number.

    Does anyone know how can one find out if your number is being used?

    It is about time that the American people start raising up, or else they will become victims, and even those who supports shamesty.

    Ellis says Valdez avoided the identity-theft charge because a
    judge ruled that it was not a crime to use someone's identity to
    obtain employment.
    OMG WTF this is totally insane. If this nut judge thinks it is alright to use someone's identity. I think it would be more appropriate if the Judge'hand over his number to a poor illegal(s) who need to work.

    This country is going beautiful country

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    Ellis says Valdez avoided the identity-theft charge because a
    judge ruled that it was not a crime to use someone's identity to
    obtain employment.

    This is the part of illegal immigration that makes it VERY easy for me to label illegal aliens in this country "terrorists".

    They terrorize American citizens by taking our identities and wreaking total havoc on our lives.

    And the IRS??? What kind of cruelty is it to CLEARLY know that identity theft has taken place, and yet still garnish an innocent person's wages?

    The IRS can be as evil as any terrorist organization I know of. They don't play fair. They don't care about justice. They just want their money,. any way they can get it.

    I CANNOT feel compassion for illegal aliens in this country when they don't feel compassion for us. They have no qualms about stealing our lives away from us. They don't give a damn about us! They don't care if they RUIN us, as long as they feed their precious, USELESS, freeloading broods!!!!!!
    Calderon was absolutely right when he said...."Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico".

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    The interloper in Mr. Costner's life was Douglas Valdez, according to
    Ellis. Ellis says Valdez avoided the identity-theft charge because a
    judge ruled that it was not a crime to use someone's identity to
    obtain employment.
    ALL the Judges appointed for the last 30 years are the problem. I bet they all belong to "open border" NWO, NAU, SPP, Bilderberg Commission, and The Illuminati.
    THEY DON'T CARE WHO BREAKS OUT LAWS, BECAUSE OUR LAWS ARE BEING REWRITTEN TO COORDINATE WITH INTERNATIONAL LAW UNDER THE U.N. We have to learn how to "tolerate and forgive" those who do not want to folow our laws. We have to learn how to live along side of a "corrupt society". (sarcasm)
    RIP Butterbean! We miss you and hope you are well in heaven.-- Your ALIPAC friends

    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    The Costners should file a complaint with the bar association about that judge's ruling, or if that's not the place then contact the governor or states attorney general to find out how where to file a complaint.

    As to seeing whats going on with your SS# check your earnings when you get your yearly notice from them. Otherwise call and find out from their office. I would also check each year the 3 credit agencies about what's on your file. No charge for this as the government made them have to do it.

    That judge should be dismissed from his judicial bench and the state should revoke his license as an attorney.

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    Supposedly, it only shows up on your credit report if someone is using both your SSN and your name. Often, these illegals will use a different name with a "real" SSN. I know that's common when they apply for state benefits they aren't entitled to. I know someone who is doing that with her kid. She's illegal, and so is her kid, but she has a "real" SSN she gave as her kid's so she (the child) qualifies for cash, medical, and food stamps. I thought the state would be able to look up the SSN and know it wasn't the child's, because the SSN is older than she is (issued sometime between 89 and 92 but the kid wasn't even born until 95) but I guess they don't care.

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    The Declaration of Independence reads like a who's, who's of todays politics.

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    This judge obviously doesn't know his law. He should be removed, banned, and anything else applicable to the laws!
    Identity Theft
    Updated: November, 2006
    Identity theft occurs when a criminal uses another person's personal information to take on that person's identity. Identity theft is much more than misuse of a Social Security number-it can also include credit card and mail fraud. If you think you may be a victim of identity theft, contact the

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

    to report what happened. You can
    call the FTC's ID Theft Hotline-1-877-IDTHEFT (438-433 or
    use the FTC's online ID Theft Complaint form.
    for up-to-date information about how to work with credit bureaus and law enforcement agencies to reclaim your identity.

    Social Security Administration (SSA) for

    a replacement card if your Social Security card was lost or stolen,
    a new Social Security number in certain circumstances, and
    help to correct your earnings records.

    Office of the Inspector General, SSA, to report Social Security number misuse that

    involves buying or selling Social Security cards, or
    may involve people with links to terrorist groups or activities.
    The Federal government and numerous states have passed laws prohibiting identity theft. Anyone who intentionally uses the Social Security number of another person to establish a new identity or defraud the government is breaking the law.

    We're making sure that Social Security numbers are less accessible by strengthening our processes for issuing new Social Security numbers and replacement Social Security cards. Additionally, we are working with other federal agencies to find ways to detect and prevent identity theft.

    To get more information about Social Security numbers and identity theft, download the following publications

    FTC Information

    Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft (06/05)
    Social Security Information

    Identity Theft And Your Social Security Number (05-10064)
    New Rules For Getting A Social Security Number And Card (05-10120)
    Your Social Security Number and Card (05-10002)
    From the Border Movie:

    I will not sell my country out ~ I WILL NOT!
    I'd like to see that pride back in AMERICA!!!

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    WHO WAS THIS JUDGE?????????????

    Everyone is supposed to receive a STATEMENT from social security EVERY YEAR showing how much they earned the previous year. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR STATEMENT. APPARENTLY THE COSTNERS DIDN'T CHECK THEIRS.

    My mother is retired, on SS and still gets a statement. She REQUESTS it ON-LINE.

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