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  • Here Comes the Cavalry: Help us Resist Amnesty

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Great news delivered from our allies at NumbersUSA today, the lawsuit by the Border Patrol agents which we support is moving forward against Obama's illegal Amnesty orders. ALIPAC is speaking with attorneys in the hopes we can file an amicus brief in support of this case! If these Border Patrol agents win this case then Obama's Amnesty could be nullified!

    Details at...
    Federal Judge Rules that ICE Agents have Standing in Lawsuit Against Federal Government

    Our mission at ALIPAC is to defeat or delay legislative Amnesty attempts by traitors in Congress until this court case can be decided. The cavalry is coming, we just have to hold out until they reach us!

    We are still working to interpret the rule changes made in the Senate this past week. Special thanks to all of you who called Congress with us, targeted Amnesty supporting lawmakers for calls, and called the Senate to oppose rule changes designed to pass Amnesty.

    More work ahead for next week but we need your help this weekend.

    We have currently raised $6,346 of the $30,000 we must raise by our deadline of Feb. 28th!

    Lend your support to make ALIPAC strong in the face of the illegal alien Amnesty push next week!

    Please donate $25, $50, $100, or $250 right away using our SECURE online donations page at...

    Thank you for standing with us against the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion of America that some lawmakers are working to make permanent.

    The ALIPAC Team
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    1. American Pie's Avatar
      American Pie -
      ALIPAC ,I am so sorry that I can not donate any money. I`m broke. There has been NO jobs,as promised by Obama. My husband has been out of work for way over a year now. I have been writing,e-mailing and sharing my views as much as I can with our leaders and ALIPAC members,etc.
    1. southBronx's Avatar
      southBronx -
      Mr G.
      Im in the same boat. if it was not for my family I don't know what we both would do
      God Bless you for standing up for THe USA