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  • OBAMA'S DREAM ACT CANDIDATES? - Illegal alien MS-13 member to face child sex traffic charges

    We're your owners now. Penado provided young runaways, some younger than 13 -- with alcohol and drugs to make them more receptive to have sex for money with older men, prosecutors said.

    Illegal alien MS-13 member to face child sex traffic charges

    Scott McCabe
    September 9, 2012 | 8:00 pm

    A MS-13 gang leader charged with running a teenage prostitution business after one of the girls made a daring escape is expected to plead guilty Monday.

    According to charging documents filed in federal court in Alexandria, Yimmy Anthony Pineda Penado was the leader of the Pinos Locos Salvatrucha clique who headed up a group of about 25 members of the El Salvadorian-based Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang.

    Pineda Penado, 22, of Montgomery County, is accused of providing young runaways -- some younger then 13 -- with alcohol and drugs to make them more receptive to have sex for money with older men, prosecutors said.

    "From the moment he laid eyes on the victim, [he] did not see a young 12-year-old runaway in need of help," said Neil H. MacBride, United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

    Pineda Penado, also known as Spike, had a list of clients, including members of his gang, and booked multiple prostitution appointments per day for each girl, court documents said.

    Charging documents contain testimony evidence from a girl who described how she was forced to work for Pineda Penado when she was just 15.

    Three weeks after running away from home to live with her boyfriend, MS-13 members threatened to harm her boyfriend if she did not agree to prostitute for them.

    Pineda Penado and other members had sex with the girl to see how she performed, documents said.

    "We're your owners now," Pineda Penado told the girl, documents said.

    Pineda Penado plied the girl with "Blue Dream" marijuana, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, tequila and beer to keep the girl compliant, documents said.

    Pineda Penado instructed the girl to lie about her name and age and act like she was enjoying the sexual intercourse.

    After about a year, the girl planned her escape. She convinced Pineda Penado to take her to see a wealthy client in Northern Virginia.

    Pineda Penado finally agreed, but warned her, "If you [mess] with me, you know what's going to happen."

    When Pineda Penado stopped and went into a convenience store in Virginia, the girl snuck out of the vehicle and ran to a nearby car that had tinted windows where Pineda Penado could not see her.

    She turned herself into the Alexandria Juvenile Detention Center,

    Pineda Penado is an illegal alien with a previous felony conviction, according to court documents.
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    1. tgreaper11's Avatar
      tgreaper11 -
      Yea, I could see this happening all along. A lot of the illegal aliens either are criminals already when they come here or soon become one here.
      Well, they all really are when they come here since illegal immigration in itself is a crime.