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  • National Leader Volunteers For Ilario Pantano Campaign for Congress in Wilmington NC

    National Leader Volunteers For Ilario Pantano Campaign for Congress in Wilmington NC

    For Statewide Release

    April 25, 2012

    Raleigh, NC -- William Gheen of the national organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is traveling to Wilmington, North Carolina, this weekend to volunteer for the ALIPAC endorsed congressional campaign of Ilario Pantano.

    Ilario Pantano faces NC State Senator David Rouzer in the GOP primary to be settled on May 8. ALIPAC has endorsed Ilario Pantano for his strong stance in favor of immigration law enforcement instead of Amnesty.

    In contrast, David Rouzer has lobbied Congress in the past in an effort to pass Amnesty legislation for illegal aliens that is opposed by a large majority of American and GOP voters.

    "I'm looking forward to getting out from behind the computers and on the front lines of the fight against illegal immigration by getting in the trenches as a volunteer with the Pantano campaign this weekend," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "If enough voters understand that David Rouzer actively supports Amnesty for illegal immigrants, then Pantano will win this race."

    William Gheen has served as a campaign consultant in North Carolina prior to forming Americans for Legal Immigration PAC in 2004, which has quickly become the nation's largest grass roots political action committee addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Gheen has also served as an Assistant Sgt At Arms to the NC Senate, a legislative aide, and a registered issue lobbyist, and is cited regularly in state, national, and global media.

    William will be filming short video clips during his volunteer efforts on the Ilario Pantano campaign for a video blog that will be released nationally to encourage other American activists to volunteer for the over 100 federal campaigns currently endorsed by ALIPAC. (See list at

    "Volunteering for one of our ALIPAC endorsed campaigns is a great way to support the national fight against illegal immigration and illegal alien Amnesty supporters like David Rouzer," said William Gheen. "ALIPAC was founded by campaign volunteers and this year we want to return to the founding motivations of our group by calling on Americans from Carolina to California to deploy behind campaigns that stand with Americans against illegal immigration."

    William Gheen will be conducting interviews with the media while in Wilmington Friday, April 27, through Sunday, April 29. To schedule interviews or for more information please visit or call (866) 703-0864

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