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  • New Targeted Calls to Congress Needed to Stop Amnesty 2013

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Developments are happening rapidly. Check homepage often for updates. Terrible breaking news that a second member of Congress endorsed by ALIPAC has proven himself a traitor. Congressman Darrell Issa now supports amnesty for illegal aliens! Now we know why his Fast and Furious investigation has been more of a show without any teeth. Issa is with Obama and the Globalists. We will pull our endorsement in a major way next week, but today we need you in action.
    Traitor: Issa Embraces Path to Citizenship Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

    Prepare yourself for more traitors to emerge as we get closer to their vote to ramrod this amnesty through. ALIPAC has warned you of their secret meetings Speaker Boehner tells us have gone on for 3 years, and the plan to pass nation destroying amnesty for illegal aliens involves traitor Republicans supporting Obama and the Democrats on this move.

    We have new targets for you to call in the Congress.

    Please saturate the offices of the Committee on the Judiciary which is where the more dangerous amnesty bill will originate in the house.

    Background info for you to review at...

    Sample Message
    "I am calling/writing to ask Congressman _______ to oppose any path to citizenship or legalization of illegal immigrants. Such an action would further harm American workers, taxpayers, students, and voters. Furthermore, such a move would create a new voting bloc of millions of illegals that will destroy America's immigration laws and borders forevermore. I am not buying the claim you can make them legal without citizenship rights because everyone knows the courts will convey voting rights eventually even if Congress won't. Immigration reform should be about securing our borders, adequately enforcing our existing immigration laws, and rebuking Obama's breach with the Constitution and existing laws of Congress offering amnesty by decree which would have even allowed the 9/11 Hijackers to stay in America."

    Contact info (Click through to get phone numbers, fax numbers, mailing addresses, and emails)

    A. Personalized to each member of Congress and B. Distinctive and unique. Form letters, copied and pasted messages, and nonpersonalized messages end up in the trash, not the eyes and ears of members of Congress.

    Committee Members
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