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  • Obama Using Illegal Immigrants As Form of Terrorism Against Americans

    Obama Using Illegal Immigrants As Form of Terrorism Against Americans

    For National Release

    February 28, 2013

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
    (866) 703-0864 /

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC's spokesman is accusing the Obama administration of engaging in a form of terroristic threats by unlawfully releasing 10,000 illegal immigrants from detention centers, threatening to facilitate a new mass influx of illegal aliens, while at the same time demanding more money and power and amnesty for illegals.

    The White House is making the spurious claim that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released the illegal immigrant prisoners without authorization from the President. This tactic is the same the White House used as a defense in the Fast and Furious gun walking Scandal.

    The fact that US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham just emerged smiling from a closed door meeting with Obama regarding immigration reform amnesty on the backdrop of these threats shows an agenda in motion. McCain and Graham are thumbing their noses at a new Reuters poll showing 70% of Republicans, and a majority of all Americans, want illegal immigrants deported instead of being allowed to stay in America.

    "The Obama administration is telling Congress and the American public that if we do not give them more money, power, and amnesty for illegals that they will release more illegal immigrants upon our communities and signal more to enter the US through our undefended borders," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Since his words and deeds will clearly lead to loss of American lives, property, jobs, and security, his administration is engaging in a form of terroristic threats. If Americans and Congress back down to these kinds of threats and abuses this time, they will get worse and more damaging in the future."

    Legal definition: "A person commits the offense of terroristic threats if he threatens to commit any offense involving violence to any person, property, or government agency, or group with intent to:
    1. cause a reaction of any type to a threat[s] by an official or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies;
    2. place any person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury;
    3. place the public or a substantial group of the public in fear of serious bodily injury; or
    4. influence the conduct or activities of a branch or agency of the federal government, the state, or a political subdivision of the state."

    The Obama administration has been bombarding the press and public with claims that only illegal immigrants engaged in broader serious criminal activities would be deported over the last two years. They are now contradicting themselves by claiming that the illegals being released from deportation detention facilities do not pose a threat to the community.

    In a telling development, the release of illegal immigrants was halted when Congressman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) demanded to know what crimes the released illegals had been charged with and what, if any, supervision was in place post release!

    By releasing the illegal immigrants before any budget crisis actually occurs, and by releasing the illegal immigrants in tandem with a threat to gut the Border Patrol, accompanied by a verbal notification to potential illegal immigrants abroad that Obama will open the borders, Obama's actions are clearly a political agenda and not necessitated by federal finances but designed to menace and intimidate his opposition.

    "The latest threat of terrorism is coming from the White House and Obama policies, not Iraq or Afghanistan," said William Gheen. "How low will Obama go if he does not get more money or agenda concessions? Will he start opening up the federal prisons next or disable our nuclear deterrent capabilities? How long will Congress and American citizens put up with these threats from the White House?"

    For more information about ALIPAC's fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty or to schedule interviews please visit

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    1. thestorm's Avatar
      thestorm -
      This was a revenge release. We have heard bho talk about revenge when he was campaigning. It is revenge on every American who is against blanket amnesty. Legally,only the Judge who ordered these criminals to jail can release them. We are on our own people,D.C. will do nothing but talk. Talk is cheap. They do it daily wasting oyr time & money.
    1. American Pie's Avatar
      American Pie -
      Tell Mr Obama to keep Americans safe against all terrorists,especially in OUR U.A.S. Also stop using these Illegal immagrants (or if he gets his way) for votes, that is an insane thing to do,and what he wants to do!
    1. snowyriver's Avatar
      snowyriver -
      BHO is one crafty individual.. beware the black wolf in sheeps clothing
    1. southBronx's Avatar
      southBronx -
      you are out president Of the USA but you are not doing your job as I see
      you are for all other Country . & all of the illegal immigrants just for the vote
      the american are out of a job the illegal Immigrants have our job& you know
      this it not fair all the company are closeing down so don't say we have job
      we don't only the illegal Immigrants have them
      another thing is when you come in to the room for your meeting
      why don't you & all of the gov & senator stand & say the Plage Of
      tbis is the duty of being loyal to Our Country which you are / I see you one time you never put your hand over your heart . just by yourside & that very

      this is very disreputable to our country . this should be said at every meeting you have & as for tax cut start with the gov & senator & your salary first
      or cut the welfare out the illegal Immigranst ha s every thing
      & stop helping all other country & help USA first
      you don't know what the USA is why
      Michael Savage was right american should get some Back bone