• Chief Justice Roberts Asks SG If Federal Government Even Cares about Illegal Immigration

    The supporters of Arizona’s immigration law had a good day in court yesterday. Chief Justice Roberts, according to this Fox News report, seemed “exasperated” with the solicitor general’s arguments.

    Roberts Asks SG If Federal Government Even Cares about Illegal Immigration

    National Review
    By Noah Glyn
    April 26, 2012 7:59 A.M.
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    1. nomas's Avatar
      nomas -
      This just keeps getting better and better for the lawful side! Obozo is NOT a Tsar, King or Supreme Ruler; and I pray SCOTUS keeps slapping him down.
    1. HAPPY2BME's Avatar
      HAPPY2BME -

      Ariz. Illegal Immigration case could lead to sweeping changes

      Ariz. migrant case could lead to sweeping changes

      PHOENIX – The United States could see an official about-face in the coming months in how it confronts illegal immigration if the Supreme Court follows through on its suggestion that it would let local police enforce the most controversial part of Arizona's immigration law.
    1. sunlandbob's Avatar
      sunlandbob -
      Of course the Federal Govt under the Liberal Obama Administration doesn't care about combating illegal immigration. Throughout the years, the Democrat Party has decided to support abortion and gay rights. The morality of these positions can be endlessly debated. But supporting abortion and gay rights has the unfortunate side-effect of denying births to future Democrats. So how else can the Democrat Party recruit new voters? They look to an endless supply of illegal aliens that they can give Amnesty and voting rights to. Back in 2007, they almost had millions of potential new voters. The Democrat Party is also against voter ID laws for the same reason. They want people to vote illegally without having to show ID. People who vote illegally tend to vote Democrat, because they're the Party who promises the most "bennies", without much concern with how the Government is going to pay for it.

      The Federal Government also works in concert with the Mexican Government to see that illicit drugs are "pushed" over into the US. And Arizona is probably the main "conduit" for this. That's why Eric Holder decided to file the frivilous lawsuit with Arizona. A lot of Hollywood celebrities count on their steady supply of illicit drugs.