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  • Rubio and Rand Paul's Amnesty Trick Will Lead Conservatives To Their Own Doom!

    ALIPAC NOTE: Special thanks to the illegal alien invasion supporting group called 'Imagine 2050'
    for recovering this lost article for us! We never expected our opponents to inadvertently help us by saving a copy and returning it to us. Read details in post below...

    Rubio and Rand Paul's Amnesty Trick Will Lead Conservatives To Their Own Doom!

    April 2, 2013

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    America is facing a nation-destroying illegal alien amnesty push from a Congress stocked with high ranking Republicans eager to rubber stamp Obama’s unlawful and unConstitutional amnesty decrees instead of reining the President in from the one party dictatorship he is transitioning America into!

    At the center of this push for Amnesty legislation, some Republicans are acting as a Judas Goat to lead conservatives to their own political doom. Whether you believe their positions are malicious political theater or the result of mistaken beliefs is up to you, but the deadly and destructive results of their actions will be the same if you fall for the Marco Rubio (202-224-3041) and Rand Paul (202-224-4343) amnesty plans.

    Let me be very clear, Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Amnesty memo is not a law. It is not an Executive Order. It is a memo. America is now under a form of governance by memo.

    So while Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, Speaker John Boehner, and Eric Cantor rush to rubber stamp Obama’s illegal amnesty memo with actual legislation, they are in fact supporting a new form of authoritarian and dictatorial governance for American citizens.

    How else can we explain the wide ranging amnesty policies currently being implemented coast to coast, including the release of thousands of illegal aliens from detention centers, including those incarcerated for broader crimes against American citizens, which has no backing in legislation, existing laws, or election outcome other than the race for President?

    States like North Carolina and others that are now giving licenses to illegal aliens, which 77% of Americans oppose according to Rasmussen polling, are responding to Obama’s memo. Not a new law and certainly not an official Executive Order!

    Did we spend all of that money and time to elect a Congress and Senate that works simply to rubber stamp unlawful decrees from the President instead of representing the American majority that has made it clear they reject any form of amnesty and demand immigration and border enforcement instead?

    The open borders lobby controlled by Globalists and billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and Rupert Murdoch are in full press mode on Amnesty, and as a result the press is more one-sided than ever before. Article after article streams out of the Huffington Post, New York Times, LA Times, and other dailies all expounding upon the merits and benefits of Comprehensive Immigration Reform amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Turn on the TV and the results are the same now that Rupert Murdoch has cracked down at Fox News and sworn allegiance to Michael Bloomberg’s plans to restrict gun rights and give illegal aliens amnesty.

    If you turn on Fox News, you won’t find me there anymore even though I was a regular guest up until shortly after Murdoch announced his support for Bloomberg’s amnesty plans in early 2012. In fact, you will almost never spot any guest on Fox who opposes Comprehensive Immigration Reform and all the major hosts like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.

    Those of us at ALIPAC monitoring the national media have known that Sean Hannity has been an embedded asset for the Globalists for a long time now, but the fact that this nation and freedom destroying cabal is exposing their deep assets like Hannity shows they are putting all their chips on the table for this new amnesty assault on the borders and citizens of America!

    The bad news is that all TV and Cable networks are now locked down along with the daily papers which are well synchronized with the opinions and positions flowing out of the communist party controlled papers in China that we also monitor.

    But today, I really want to focus on the most dangerous strategies the Globalists are using to try to pass America destroying Amnesty in 2013.

    This most dangerous strategy involves US Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul! We have to be careful about how we discuss Rand Paul right now because he is riding high on a new wave of support after pretending to stand up against the system with a recent filibuster on the Senate floor.

    And while we would all love to see some lawmakers in DC with actual backbones stand up against McCain, Obama, Boehner, and the rest of the sellouts and traitors, the fact that Rand Paul immediately moved to turn his popularity boost into a sales pitch for a path to legal presence for illegal immigrants shows us that he too is a pawn of the Globalists.

    How a lawmaker or candidate approaches illegal immigration is the great litmus test. The elites will let their puppets say and do anything to convince American voters they are on their side, but rarely will they do so on immigration matters now that they are "All in" on Amnesty.

    The dangerous poison Rubio and Rand are selling to the conservative base is the false belief that illegal immigrants can be somehow given legal presence without ever becoming voters in US elections.

    Well, first of all, illegal aliens are already voting in US elections in varying degrees from state to state since most states have absolutely no defenses in place to stop them and illegal aliens have proven they will exploit every single asset or thing of value in America if allowed. They are receiving welfare, bank loans, licenses, stealing identities, ripping up iron spikes out of passenger train tracks, stripping copper out of houses, taking over the houses of Americans when their owners are away for a few months, raping children, raping animals….

    Illegal immigrants have proven to us all they have no respect for our laws or boundaries and they scoff at Americans and consider us weak, naive, and exploitable because we are. We are paralyzed legally and emotionally from fighting back against them and the illegals have the backing of the top powers in American politics and financial elites against us!

    They are already voting in elections, and if the Rubio and Rand strategy convinces enough Conservatives to sit still and acquiesce instead of raising a ruckus against Amnesty, then the illegals will form a new voting bloc of 12-20 million illegal aliens turned voters!

    The Obama administration, Democrats, and illegal alien supporting groups and activists have all made it abundantly clear in statement after statement that full citizenship rights in America are what they are after.

    If Conservatives fall for the Rubio Rand Con Job, two things will happen leading to the permanent destruction of US Borders and a degrading nightmare for America’s traditional citizens who have ruled this land for more than 200 years.

    First, all of the powerful media and financial powers along with their hundreds of supporting groups and tens of thousands of activists will immediately focus all their efforts on voting rights for the illegals once any law removes the current penalty of deportation from consideration.

    Removing the legal onus to deport illegal aliens is the top mission of this current Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty push, and they will promise you everything including a border with a 20 foot wall with soldiers on top of it if that is what it takes to get the deportation requirement lifted. Their second priority is to provide amnesty for all of the employers of illegal aliens who are currently liable for their crimes for up to 7 years under the statute of limitations.

    If they achieve this next step, you can look forward to the push for full voting rights to begin immediately. We will all fight to resist that, but with the law changed to remove the deportation requirement and remove the illegal status of the invaders, we will be fighting a losing battle.

    After that, the illegals will eventually form a new voting bloc that will not only be responsive to the elites who have done this to America, but they will be responsive to any foreign power like China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, etc…

    Anyone who wants to promise the illegal immigrants more and more can earn their vote, and the failed promises of Rubio and Rand will fade into the darkness of history as most Americans find the rest of their lives will be spent running, hiding, or otherwise trying to mitigate the ongoing damages and negative impacts as all border security and immigration law enforcement comes to the halt we see Obama applying today!

    If the full Obama amnesty passes or the Rubio and Paul incremental amnesty passes, Americans are on the way to a new voting bloc in national politics gutting any and all future immigration enforcement and border security.

    Polling data combined with actual voting behavior of immigrants from Central and South America shows us that this new voting bloc will vote over 70% Democrat.

    GOP liars like Carl Rove and Dick Morris, who by the way is now supporting amnesty in a bid to get Rupert Murdoch to let him back on Fox News after they kicked him out, are trying to convince people that “Hispanic Voters" will warm to the GOP if Republicans support Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

    Sure, GW Bush got a good chunk of the Hispanic vote running against another nerdy white guy, but those Hispanic voters represented people who have been in America for many generations! And election data and histories show us that GW Bush would not have received so much of the Hispanic vote if he had been running against a black or Hispanic candidate!

    The new illegal alien voting bloc will quickly turn many more states solid blue for the Democrats and will turn states like Texas from GOP states into swing states.

    At first the liberal side of American politics will be jubilant as gun restriction groups, minority interest groups, social welfare groups, and gay marriage groups see the nation's center right to Conservative wing completely decimated and routed. They will undoubtedly cheer and jeer and rush to quickly hammer in their different socialist agendas, but their smiles won't last long.

    Once they are done with their political takeovers, they may consider more "permanent solutions" to assure that the white European descendent male Christian demographic they have been rallied against can never assert or even defend itself again.

    But once that bit of nasty business is done or well under way, the liberals are in for shocks of their own as an unending flow of millions upon millions inundate America, quickly expanding our national population and quickly depleting our remaining natural resources and environments.

    Three major camps of the Democratic Party are in for a major shock that the controlled globalist media will not warn them about. Those of us reading the archives on a regular basis at know these facts because we are immersed in information coming in from many points.

    America will quickly become a lot less like traditional America and will quickly become more like Mexico and Nicaragua!

    First the black voters in the Democratic Party are going to find out the hard way that the once sizable black population of freed slaves in Mexico barely exist anymore because of the genocide practiced against them by "La Raza" aka The Race! While American blacks have grown to 40 million people with the highest quality of living of any black people on the planet, blacks in Mexico have experienced a form of genocide and now make up less than 1% of the Mexican population.

    Here in America in high illegal alien impact zones like Los Angeles, the Mexican Mafia has ordered gangsters to run blacks out of entire neighborhoods creating ethnic cleansing zones enforced by murder for hire. We know this from news reports, interviews with citizens on the ground, and recent court cases in California where Mexican gang members have been convicted for targeting black people for murder based on their skin color. Those living with large groups of illegals have gone back over 100 years in time with Civil Rights issues here on American soil.

    Of course, the large black population of America will have to deal with their new Mexican masters without "The Man’s" help because the main American Demographic that gave us the protections of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights will have been toppled by the illegal immigrant invasion.

    Women of America are in for a real treat as well. In Mexico, women are raped and beaten on such an extensive scale that we don’t even have accurate data. There are laws against such things, but sexual crime laws are rarely even reported much less enforced in Mexico and points south. Women and children are raped and brutalized in gang rule territories, and that kind of world will descend on American women and children once our American males are knocked out by the invasion voting bloc.

    The relationship between men and women in Mexico and points south is similar to that of the dark ages in Europe. The feminists are in for a real nasty surprise down the line from Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Amnesty puts an irreversible chain of events into play.

    And then there are the gay groups, some of which tried to march along side the illegals when they took to the streets in large numbers back in 2006 and 2007. We watched and documented online as many of these groups said they wanted to take to the streets in solidarity with their immigrant brothers and sisters against the shallow and restrictive American status quo. Such attempts did not end well and many of the gay activists marching with the illegals got the cold shoulder, to say the least.

    Open homosexuality does not fly in Mexico, and to be gay and open about it is to put yourself at risk of physical violence and possibly murder at levels far greater than anything here in the United States, which has become the most tolerant and diverse civilization in human history. The gay groups are in for a big shock with their new Mexican masters once all us evil conservatives have been run out of the halls of governance.

    At ALIPAC, we have been able to make many accurate predictions and many of our long time supporters have seen us make accurate calls about what the cause and effect will be.

    We have warned as many as will listen that the Globalists are currently in what we call the "Legalization Phase" and if they achieve those goals with the help of Obama, McCain, Flake, Rubio, , Paul, Boehner, Cantor, etc… they will then move into what we call the “Reparations Phase," where these millions flooding our nation will use their new political power to take as much from you all by way of taxes, seized and foreclosed properties, strategic metals, and anything else they can take.

    Many illegal immigrants blame you for the genocide of their ancestors, so don’t expect much sympathy from them as they take your lands, homes, businesses, and everything your ancestors earned for you here.

    Then you can expect the “Autonomy Phase” where they will seek to have their own new nation in the South West, reunification with Mexico, or just a whole new nation that will stand in the future where America once stood.

    At the time of this article, you still have a chance to combine your time and resources with other Americans to fight back, stop Amnesty, stop Obama, McCain, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul, and restore Constitutional governance in America.

    But if you believe the lies you are being bombarded with from all major media, or if you are the type to fall for the Rubio and Rand Con job on amnesty, then please remember that you were warned. And if you are a liberal American thinking of supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform amnesty for the sake of political gains for your cherished causes, please look down the line at what you can expect once you have thrown the guardians of America under the bus.

    Americans are being bombarded with steady streams of multifaceted calculated propaganda right now, all designed to pass Amnesty for illegals in 2013.

    Republicans and Conservatives are being wooed to lay down and remain asleep by Rubio and Paul, because Conservatives have the best chance of stopping this amnesty in 2013 due to the 80% poll reading showing opposition to the plan, truth be known.

    We need all of you to understand what is really happening here, what is really at stake, and to stop playing the "my favorite politician" game. We need you to organize and get on the ready line with us to Stop Amnesty 2013 through groups like ALIPAC and NumbersUSA!

    Let us work together to demolish this false belief being pushed by Marco Rubio and Rand Paul that illegal aliens can be legalized safely and to the benefit of America and Republicans by rebuking them both with facts and realities that other conservatives will understand.
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    1. ALIPAC's Avatar
      ALIPAC -
      Illegal Alien Supporters Save William Gheen's Article For Him!

      I would like to publicly thank the illegal alien invasion supporting and white people hating Open Borders group called Imagine 2050 for returning the article above to us!

      This George Soros funded smear machine reads everything we post here at and hangs on every word I say hoping to twist it all up and lie about my message any chance they get!

      They hope to attack and intimidate anyone who speaks out against illegal immigration and amnesty in order to deter other Americans from speaking out or exercising their freedoms.

      Their group name, Imagine 2050, is a tribute to their vision of the future in 2050 when white Americans have been forced into minority status due to the invasion of America and the disruption of our Constitutional governance by big corporations and Globalist billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

      I have always said that I would have no problem with what people call the "Browning of America" if it was a consensual change made with the agreement and support of America's legal citizens. But since the "Browning of America" is happening as a form of national rape and by the involuntary penetration of our nation by millions of illegal immigrants, I disagree with the forced change.

      Of course my opposition is based on principle and not race, but you can never tell that to these liars and smear merchants who are flagrantly all about their race. They are brown nazis that just can't wait for the glorious Raza to dominate America!

      Last week I spent a few hours writing this article and was very disappointed when a major website malfunction forced us to go to a backup copy that was 24 hours old. All posts including mine were lost.

      But thanks to the illegal alien invasion supporting Goons over at Imagine 2050, I get my article back and will release it today!

      Thank you Imagine 2050! I really appreciate you saving my article and returning it to me.


      William Gheen
      President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and proud author of "Rubio and Paul's Amnesty Will Lead Conservatives to Their Doom"

      Here is what they had to say about my comments...

      ALIPAC Scrubs Website of Racially Inflammatory Post, Citing Site Damage

      Posted on Friday, March 29th, 2013 at 5:00 am. Written by Imagine 2050 Editors

      Americans for Legal Immigration PAC president William Gheen paints an apocalyptic view of America after the downfall of the “white European descendent male Christian demographic” in a post that was removed yesterday afternoon. Gheen cited website damage for the loss of the post (you can read the post in full below). In 2011, Gheen similarly raised the specter of an Obama-led war against “White America,” while on a conservative radio talk show.
      “Once they are done with their political takeovers, they may consider more ‘permanent solutions’ to assure that the white European descendent male Christian demographic they have been rallied against can never assert or even defend itself again,” William Gheen said on Wednesday morning, “they” being the leaders of various progressive causes.
      Of African-Americans, Gheen said: “Of course the large black population of America will have to deal with their new Mexican masters without ‘The Man’s’ help because the main American Demographic that gave us the protections of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights will have been toppled by the illegal immigrant invasion.”
      Gheen also accused conservative radio host Sean Hannity of being an “embedded asset for the Globalists” and discussed the risk of undocumented immigrants stealing “strategic metals.”
      Post in full below:
    1. rjhs99's Avatar
      rjhs99 -
      This article is spot on. I agree with you on every point, especially the parts about the liberals that will be in for some "surprises".