• Warning: Illegal Alien Supporting Groups Tell Boehner Not to Charge Holder

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    A large group of illegal alien invasion supporting organizations are trying to counter our work of persuading Congress to take action against the Fast and Furious Gunwalker scandal. The Obama administration used your tax money and at least six federal agencies to supply the illegal immigrant and drug importing gangs with assault weapons!

    Take a look at this list of well financed multi million dollar illegal immigration supporting groups that are pressuring the lukewarm GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner.

    Organizations urge Boehner not to vote contempt against AG (click here)

    Contempt charges against Eric Holder from Congress are nowhere near what is needed for this TREASON against the American public, however, such charges could force the media to tell more Americans about the true nature of the Fast and Furious treason which used our own government to fund an invading illegal alien armed force on US soil and has organized them in the vast majority of counties in the US. This army of gangs still remain mostly docile, although heavily armed with paramilitary training while the flow of generational wealth continues to be bled from our families and communities. As long as this historic wealth transfer continues (via the addiction of your children and grandchildren to meth and cocaine) the cartels have an interest in not attracting your attention with beheadings here like in Mexico where over 50,000 citizens have been killed in the last few years.

    Please take the following 3 steps to fight back against these groups TODAY!

    Step 1:
    Call Speaker John Boehner's office to demand in your own words...
    "I'm calling to tell John Boehner he needs to file congressional contempt charges against Eric Holder immediately and do what it takes to complete this investigation or he needs to step out of the way! I've been supporting him, but I will drop my support if I do not hear he has filed these charges within one week!"

    John Boehner's DC Office Number: 202-225-0600

    Step 2:
    Call your members of Congress and demand in your own words...
    "I'm calling to ask my member of Congress ______ to pursue immediate contempt charges against Eric Holder for witholding information from congressional investigators over the Fast and Furious scandal. Please charge DOJ chief Eric Holder with contempt immediately!"

    ALIPAC's Congressional Contact Directory click here

    Step 3:
    Please use social media, private conversations, online forum posts, e-mails etc... to make sure that other Americans are aware of this scandal. Here is our suggested language for you to use.

    "Have you heard about Obama's Fast and Furious Scandal where the Executive Branch has been found to have used our tax monies and several federal law enforcement agencies to buy and provide assault rifles to the Mexican drug cartels importing all the illegal aliens and drugs into America?"

    Remember that the main stream media is still refusing to tell the American public about the full scale of this scandal and that most people have not heard much about it due to this suppression.

    Contempt charges against Eric Holder could open the flood gates of public awareness while increasing our chances of stopping such practices and having justice for the government employees and elected officials who are responsible for this scandal.

    The ALIPAC Team

    If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback from offices please post at this activism tracking link click here....
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