• We have 48 Hours to Prepare to Fight Obama's Ambush Amnesty

    ALIPAC Activists:

    All across the country it is evident that Americans are reacting with shock to Obama's ambush Amnesty decree announced Friday. Even the people who support the Dream Act Amnesty are saying they disagree with how Obama has gone about this. Remember, ALIPAC was the first national illegal immigration fighting organization to proclaim him "Dictator Obama" in 2011. Now the rest of the country is getting a clear picture.

    We only have 48 hours to break out of EMERGENCY MODE to be able to fight Obama's ambush Amnesty full force on Monday. We believe that Obama has done this in an effort to keep his illegal alien voters from fleeing the country when the Supreme Court passes Arizona's law in many more states.

    We did the best we could this Friday and ALIPAC was quoted in the Wall St. Journal, several radio stations, News 14, and across the web, but we are not able to fight at full capacity due to our shortage of funds.

    We can emerge from emergency mode if we can raise $2,000 in the next 48 hours which will allow us to come out of the gate swinging on Monday!

    Please use this link to donate by mail, phone, PayPal, credit or debit card within the next 48 hours!

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    In case you missed the action, here is the video of Obama's Amnesty decree and the brave reporter named Neil Munro of The Daily Caller. We want to thank Neil Munro for bravely interrupting Dictator Obama, even though Obama was not allowing any questions from reporters Munro spoke up asking...

    Why do you prefer foreign workers over Americans?"
    Reporter Heckles Obama at White House Immigration Announcement | The Weekly Standard

    Neil Munro explains his exchange with President Obama in Rose Garden [VIDEO] Read more: Neil Munro explains his exchange with President Obama | The Daily Caller

    Please help ALIPAC get back in the fight against Amnesty and illegal immigration with full force on Monday. We have 48 hours left to be ready so please make a donation at this link...
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    Thank you,
    The ALIPAC Team
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