• 16 work days and 30 votes left in battle against GOP & Obama Amnesty plan

    Many thanks to all of you who are making the calls to DC this week and those of you who have donated to our funds drive. Your friendship, support, and dedication to our nation are very appreciated.

    While we did raise another $1,000 to be met with matching funds of $1,000 this leaves us around $28,500 raised. We have a $1,500 shortfall that we hope you will help us cover with a few final donations in this drive via...

    We are asking our volunteers to resume homepage updates at www.alipac.us to begin broadcasting some of the most important news you need about illegal immigration and amnesty. We also hope more of you will return to our forums at www.alipac.us where your comments and posts end up being viewed eventually by thousands of people including many lawmakers and press.

    Let's get those articles going up, our core activists reengaged in the forums, and some final donations in at..

    Please keep circulating our petition at www.AgainstAmnesty.com as we are adding new supporters to our email alerts this coming Sunday.

    This coming Sunday, we will send you all a strategy summary detailing where we believe we are at in the battle and what must come next for us to Defeat Amnesty in 2013. Congress only has 16 more work days in 2013 but their main amnesty bill currently has 185 Democrats and 3 Republicans signed for a total of 188 sponsors. This bill only needs 218 votes to pass into law!

    So we are down to only 16 work days and only 30 votes more they need to line up to defeat us and defeat America's borders forevermore.

    Let's gather our final funds and activists together for the final battles of 2013!


    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Many thanks to the more than 50 activists that rapidly assembled outside of illegal alien amnesty supporter Darrell Issa's offices in Vista, CA, yesterday. We hope that Issa drops his plan to file an amnesty bill to help Obama next week in reaction to our protest, our calls, and the hopes that a GOP Primary challenger against Issa can be announced soon.
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