• 24 hours notice on intensive effort to stop Amnesty in 2013

    ALIPAC Activists,

    In 24 hours you will receive a very important activism alert from ALIPAC and we need the very best response you can give us. You will receive a new email each day for three days in a row. Each email will contain updates, new targets, and new messages and strategies.

    Our mission is for you to heavily saturate targeted members of Congress with our messages against amnesty and against illegal immigration while our activists deliver our message on the ground in DC. We will be taking copies of our Petition Against Amnesty to selected offices with more than 20,000 of your names on it!

    Petition is at www.AgainstAmnesty.com

    Your intense strategic calls, faxes, and social media contacts lawmakers backed by our ground game in DC can deliver a one-two knock out punch to the amnesty plans of the elites this year.

    We have chosen the strategic dates of Nov. 18-20 for this big lobbying push because lawmakers plan to recess for Thanksgiving on the 20th and when they return in December they will only have 6 working days left. We have been using this plan and petition before this point to put lawmakers on notice that we are coming to stop them and we plan to take the bad ones out of office in the GOP primaries of 2014!

    If our plan to Stop Amnesty 2013 succeeds, these treacherous lawmakers' plan will be to lay low on the issue through the filing period to try to stop groups like us from generating the focus, interest, energy, and funds needed to mount organized primary challengers.

    Over the next 3 days, you will be making it very clear to these illegal alien amnesty supporting lawmakers that we are organized and ready to take on Karl Rove, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Lindsey Graham, and every other supporter of the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion of our American homeland.

    There is blood on all of their hands and we are going to use what is left of our peaceful political systems in America to throw them down despite their insane advantages of wealth and power!

    As you read this e-mail, I am riding into Washington, DC, today to do my very best on your behalf.

    Thank you so much to each of you who will support our ground effort with your calls. Thank you to all of the donors to ALIPAC who are making this lobbying trip to DC at a very important strategic time possible.

    Let's all do our very best to defeat Amnesty and put those who hatched and executed this plot against our Republic on permanent retreat!

    Please clear your schedules and be ready to charge up that hill with us for the next 3 days.

    Yours in the cause,

    William Gheen
    President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
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