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ALIPAC and William Gheen have been interviewed, cited, & quoted by every major media publication and outlet in America since 2004 as a professional source on immigration & border security issues. Gheen is an occasional contributor to The Hill newspaper and the ALIPAC.us Op-eds, releases, articles, & reports are archived weekly by the US Library of Congress, with some being entered into the Congressional Record by elected officials. The only major outlets ALIPAC has not appeared on YET are C-Span and the New York Post.

ALIPAC has played an essential role in defeating nation-destroying Amnesty legislation in DC eight times and state legislation that would have given benefits to illegals in more than thirty states since 2004.

2022 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- ALIPAC endorsed and supported more than 60+ federal candidates for US Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate, who are aligned with the majority of America's citizens who oppose illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty for illegals.

-- ALIPAC helped shut down a rally by Democrats and RINO Republicans to pass Amnesty in DC in July of 2022.

-- ALIPAC contributed to the defeat of corrupt Amnesty supporting incumbent Rep. Rodney Davis, who was placed on ALIPAC's Cantor List for removal from office. Davis was defeated by ALIPAC's endorsed candidate Amnesty opponent Rep. Mary Miller.

-- ALIPAC helped conservative illegal immigration opponent Sandy Smith win her primary against expensive RINO Republican false negative attack ads in NC's new 1st Congressional district.

-- ALIPAC helped defeat RINO globalist Republican Pat McCrory's 2022 North Carolina US Senate campaign by distributing exclusive videos showing McCrory's support for illegal immigrants as Mayor of Charlotte, NC. McCrory was soundly defeated, and ALIPAC Endorsed candidate Rep. Ted Budd won the GOP primary for US Senate.

-- ALIPAC conducts public and political pressure campaigns to support the more than 14 federal lawmakers endorsed by ALIPAC, who are calling for the impeachment of both President Joe Biden and VP Harris for their numerous violations of the US Constitution and existing border laws to support this illegal immigration invasion of America.

-- ALIPAC announced in Feb. 2022 that 40+ illegal alien Amnesty support Republican lawmakers have been defeated or left office since being exposed by ALIPAC's Cantor List.

-- ALIPAC successfully fought to preserve the Filibuster Rule in the US Senate, which has saved Americans from many radical changes to US laws, including Amnesty and voting rights for tens of millions of illegals.

-- ALIPAC helped stop Democrat-backed HR 1, aka the Orwellian named "For The People Act" and "Freedom to Vote Act," which would make it even easier for non-citizens and illegal aliens to steal American elections and votes, by releasing an updated list proving non-citizen voters are a problem, information which is censored by Google and other Big Tech influences.

2021 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- ALIPAC successfully fought right up until Christmas of 2021 to help stop the Amnesty for illegals provision in the Build Back Better bill HR 5376 in the US Senate.

-- Successfully lobbied Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough to stop Schumer's rule-breaking amnesty plans by ruling Amnesty provisions in budget bills violate Senate rules.

-- ALIPAC successfully helped rallied public opposition to kill the Biden Harris plan to give $450,000 payments to some illegal aliens.

-- Raised funds from ALIPAC network activists to help aid Project Veritas when their HQ was flooded by the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

-- ALIPAC raised support for truth-seeking pro-America content creators on YouTube who often tell US citizens the truth about illegal immigration and surrounding issues, and problems caused by the invasion.

-- ALIPAC became a victim and sounded the alarm about activist banks like Truist joining the cancel culture mobs in an effort to punish American citizens for their protected free speech and political views!

-- ALIPAC successfully warned and mobilized activists to prevent America's Amnesty cabal from pressuring Senate Democrats and the Biden Harris administration to include Amnesty for illegal immigrants in the infrastructure funding bill.

-- ALIPAC pushed back on former President George W. Bush when he spoke out from retirement in 2021 on behalf of Amnesty for illegal aliens, which ALIPAC helped stop him from passing in 2005 and 2006.

-- ALIPAC successfully fought to stop Biden Harris from achieving their announced goal of providing legislative Amnesty for millions of illegals within their first 100 days in office!

-- ALIPAC received the endorsement and support of Angel Families of America founder Agnes Gibboney who's son Ronald Da Silva was killed by an illegal alien in 2002 because our border and immigration laws are not enforced.

-- ALIPAC began nationally leading calls to impeach both Biden and Harris in January of 2021 when they broke US laws to declare a 100 day moratorium on deportations for all illegals.

2020 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- ALIPAC politically supported wrongfully convicted Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean and their families for more than a decade when finally President Donald Trump pardoned them in Dec. 2020.

-- ALIPAC successfully fought and helped defeat foreign labor sellout bill S. 386.

-- ALIPAC's assertion and tracking list showing that non-citizen voters and illegal aliens helped elect Democrat President Joe Biden was reinforced by a study from the New Jersey-based Just Facts organization and White House Sr. Advisor Stephen Miller.

-- ALIPAC filed formal complaints with both the Federal Elections Commission and the FCC documenting and asking for relief from Big Tech censorship of conservatives designed to influence elections in favor of Democrats by companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

-- ALIPAC took steps to expose corrupt Democrat Governor Roy Cooper's efforts to protect non-citizen and illegal alien voters in North Carolina.

-- ALIPAC successfully helped stop DC legislation like the "Heroes Act" that would have extended Obama's DACA Amnesty for illegals and given stimulus funds to illegals.

-- ALIPAC successfully fought to stop the Trump administration from cutting a deal with Democrats to give millions of illegals Amnesty via a "path to citizenship" and voting rights, and accurately warned President Trump that betraying his campaign promise to end Obama's DACA Amnesty and trying to pass a law to preserve DACA would cost him the election in 2020.

-- ALIPAC officially endorsed demands for a full economic and diplomatic decoupling with China in response to the mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic virus, civil and human rights abuses by China, and unacceptable national and personal security risks created by China's control of vital cultural, technological, and medical companies and supplies.

-- ALIPAC successfully fought to stop the Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act, which would have given pandemic stimulus funds to illegal immigrants.

-- ALIPAC successfully pressured the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to update and remove false information about Covid-19 from their website.

2019 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- ALIPAC activists successfully fought and stopped Amnesty 2019 legislation from passing Congress such as HR 6, and HR 5038. ALIPAC also helped prevent visa outsourcing bill S. 386 from becoming law to protect American workers.

-- ALIPAC helped fight to stop illegal immigrant sanctuary policies in Arizona and Maryland in an effort to save some American lives from the negative impacts of illegal immigration.

-- ALIPAC built and maintains a tracking list (View Here) of conservative American groups and voices who are being abused and censored by left-wing Silicon Valley corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  ALIPAC released video evidence documenting a strong example of this censorship.

-- ALIPAC built and maintains a growing list of evidence and documentation (View Here) proving that illegal aliens and non-citizens are registering to vote and voting in US elections despite the fact that both actions are felony level crimes.

-- ALIPAC endorsed and launched support efforts to help several federal candidates who oppose illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty for illegals.

-- ALIPAC launched a successful public pressure campaign in support of Fairfax County, Virginia, police officer who was suspended for turning a criminal illegal alien over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Chief of Police Edwin C. Roessler Jr. quickly responded to the public outcry and reinstated the officer.

-- ALIPAC conducted a support campaign for pundit Michelle Malkin's new book about illegal immigration called, " Open Borders Inc." in an effort to get more accurate information into the hands of the American public, media, and lawmakers.

-- ALIPAC's spokesman William Gheen began appearing weekly on Wednesday nights (9pm Eastern) on the  Jeff Rense radio show to update Americans on the national battle against illegal immigration, Amnesty, and related issues.

-- ALIPAC led a group of volunteers called "ALIPAC Eagles" to Washington, DC, in March of 2019 to confront US Senators and their staff to stop Amnesty legislation.

-- ALIPAC activists from across America helped stop Massachusetts state legislation H 3012 from giving driver licenses to illegal immigrants.

-- ALIPAC pushed back on North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper in 2019 when he helped illegal alien criminals by vetoing House Bill 370, titled, “An Act to Require Compliance with Immigration Detainers and Administrative Warrants,” which would have prevented left-wing sanctuary cities from protecting illegal alien rapists, robbers, drug dealers, etc.

-- ALIPAC pushed back on the Trump administration when President Trump called on Congress to restrict gun rights and pass immigration reform Amnesty legislation for millions of illegal aliens in reaction to a mass shooting tragedy.

-- ALIPAC successfully warned America and diffused a plot in 2019 between pro-Amnesty US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and lifelong Democrat Sr. White House advisor Jared Kushner to pull a bait and switch strategy to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens in DC.

-- ALIPAC organized and conducted a small yet unprecedented protest against illegal immigration and Amnesty outside of the White House on June 8, 2019. The event was attended by many media sources, leaders in the national fight against Amnesty, and activists from across America.

-- ALIPAC quickly and effectively shut down a plan to create a loophole for illegal aliens to gain in-state tuition rates in North Carolina through 
SB 295.

2018 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- ALIPAC activists visited offices in DC, called Congress, and appeared on numerous talk radio shows to help defeat two illegal alien Amnesty bills HR 6136 and 4760 in June of 2018.

-- Fought to raise public and Congressional awareness of the censorship and abuse of Republicans, conservatives, Trump voters, Christians, and non-socialists by Silicon Valley Robber Barons at Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

-- ALIPAC's 'Knock Out DACA' strategy and legendary activists led the national charge and helped defeat three illegal immigrant mass Amnesty bills in the US Senate on Feb. 15, 2018. Review Details

-- ALIPAC activists (ALIPAC Eagles) delivered anti-Amnesty polling info packets to hundreds of GOP lawmakers in DC over a four day ground based lobbying campaign Feb 5-9 which contributed to the defeat of Amnesty legislation the following week.

-- ALIPAC conducted a certified national poll through Barometer Polling Company which found most Americans oppose DACA including 67% of likely GOP primary voters who prefer existing laws to DACA Amnesty for illegals. (View Poll)

-- ALIPAC filed a Civil Rights complaint with the US Department of Justice over the Twitter corporations censorship and suppression of the civil rights of conservative voices on their public platform.

2017 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- ALIPAC activists helped successfully defeat Tennessee legislation SB 1014 / HB 863. This bill was defeated by only one vote and would have forced US taxpayers to pay the in-state tuition subsidies to illegal aliens who would then displace and replace our own American family members in the limited seats in US colleges.

-- ALIPAC activists successfully helped the citizens of Maryland defeat the "The Maryland Law Enforcement and Trust Act" or SB 835 because this bill would protect illegal aliens that commit further crimes and allow them to avoid deportation. More info

-- ALIPAC's President William Gheen was interviewed on more than 15 talk radio shows across America to pressure President Trump to end Obama's DACA Amnesty as he promised during the campaign while also rallying US activists against state level bills designed to help illegal aliens.

-- ALIPAC activists successfully lobbied the US Senate in support of the confirmation of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States.

-- ALIPAC created a central collection point of documentation and proof of non-citizens and illegal aliens voting in US elections to help activists fight back against fake claims by the media that no such problem exists! This collection of evidence is being used to push for election reforms that would remove illegal voters.

2016 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- ALIPAC's President William Gheen became a contributor to The Hill Newspaper, which helps more Americans learn about the problems associated with illegal immigration such as voter fraud.

-- ALIPAC successfully lobbied the Trump transition team to reject the appointments of illegal alien amnesty backing Republicans like Mitt Romney and Rep. Michael McCaul.

-- ALIPAC worked with our allies at Overpasses for America to conduct more than 50 Protests Against Hillary in many states in the run up to the 2016 Elections to raise awareness of her support for amnesty for illegal aliens.

-- ALIPAC endorsed and supported Donald Trump's campaign promises to secure America's borders, deport millions of dangerous illegal immigrants, and stop forced refugee resettlements from dangerous nations like Syria. We helped defeat Hillary Clinton because she pledged to take Obama's executive amnesty and open borders policies even further!

-- ALIPAC helped successfully defeat illegal alien amnesty supporters Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, DC Lobbyist Taylor Griffin, and illegal alien license bill sponsor Rep. Harry Warren in the 2016 NC GOP primaries!

-- ALIPAC successfully generated national press coverage and documentation of the efforts of Facebook and Google to suppress and censor the efforts of activists and groups fighting illegal immigration. It is our hope that this exposure will lead to beneficial reforms.

-- ALIPAC successfully fought to help get 26 states to sue to stop Obama's unconstitutional amnesty orders and to fight to limit that program until the Supreme Court ruled and handed Obama a clear defeat!

-- ALIPAC was finally able to get the information out in the national media that illegal aliens are killing thousands of US citizens each year. After many years of struggle, this information has finally broken through the censorship to some degree.

-- ALIPAC was the first national organization to strongly protest the lack of investigation, autopsy, toxicology, or explanation for the unexpected death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

-- ALIPAC successfully educated 2016 GOP Presidential Primary voters about the pro-illegal alien amnesty records of Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, and John Kasich, which helped lead to the implosion of their campaigns.

--ALIPAC worked to raise awareness in America of the Muslim illegal alien waves hitting Europe and all of the problems associated with that historic invasion that inspired Brexit.

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2015 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- ALIPAC accurately predicted and warned American citizens, media, and authorities that the largest wave of illegal immigration in US history was inbound on January 28, 2015. Our prediction is now being confirmed by news reports and estimates coming in from the latest surge at our southern border.

-- In 2015, GOP lawmakers backed away from supporting legislative amnesty for millions of illegal aliens due to their fear over what happened when we threw Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) out of office in 2014. In 2015, ALIPAC is leading a national movement to throw out more Eric Cantor type amnesty supporting Republicans in Congress!

-- The Cantor List: ALIPAC has created and released an unprecedented tool to help the American public see through the lies of politicians and target the Republican members of Congress who are secretly working with all of the Democrats to support illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals. This list, called The Cantor List, is the first part of a three part plan to throw many more lawmakers out of office! The list contains profile pages and Facebook pages for 100 GOP lawmakers supporting amnesty. ALIPAC unsuccessfully fought to stop Congress from funding Obama's illegal immigration amnesty Obama's illegal immigration amnesty plans in January of 2015 and then launched The Cantor List to go after those Republicans who voted to provide funding for Obama's amnesty.

-- ALIPAC's archives represent the largest collection of information about the illegal immigration invasion of America in the world. Our archives played a role in Ann Coulter's best selling bestseller Adios America, which ALIPAC is striving to get more Americans to buy. Coulter's new book and Donald Trump's Presidential campaign are why illegal immigration has become the top issue in America in 2015! Many other authors have contacted us and are using our archives to help with their books about the negative impact and problems with illegal immigration.

-- ALIPAC upgraded and repaired the main website at www.ALIPAC.us to be much faster and to become accessible by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We also upgraded our email alerts to include convenience links at the bottom of each alert. As a result, more Americans are visiting and participating at www.ALIPAC.us.

-- ALIPAC deployed our national network of activists against notorious illegal immigrant amnesty supporters such as Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Geraldo Rivera, Enrique Morones, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Huckabee!

-- ALIPAC fought and stopped illegal alien license bill HB 328 in North Carolina, and our activists fought and stopped similar license for illegals bills in Florida and Minnesota! We also fought and stopped an in-state tuition for illegals bill in Tennessee by only 1 vote!

-- Our activists successfully fought to remove the sneaky amnesty provision that had been inserted into the 2015 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).

-- ALIPAC conducted a national day of lobbying in state legislatures on April 28, 2015, to oppose bills that support illegal aliens.

-- ALIPAC launched our candidate recruitment and endorsement process earlier than ever by moving many months before 2016 endorsing anti-amnesty candidates running against illegal immigration amnesty supporters John Boehner (R-OH) and John McCain (R-AZ).

-- Fought alongside Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to oppose fast track authority for Obama on TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which could dramatically increase legal and illegal immigration levels in America beyond current historic highs!

-- ALIPAC activists lobbied their home state governors to join the 26 states suing Obama to stop his unconstitutional Amnesty decrees for illegals.

-- At the time of this release, ALIPAC has served more than 2,045,209 pages of information about illegal immigration so far in 2015! We are proud of our accomplishments in the arena of providing important information to the American public.

-- In January of 2015, ALIPAC successfully fought and helped stop a sneaky amnesty bill HB 399 offered by amnesty supporter Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX)!

2014 ALIPAC Accomplishments

2013 ALIPAC Accomplishments


2012 ALIPAC Accomplishments


2011 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- In December of 2011, we successfully completed the most extensive upgrade of our primary website and the world's largest archive of information about illegal immigration at www.ALIPAC.us The new site will bring in more supporters, will allow videos and pictures to be used, and will provide us with more activism tools to communicate with the public and lawmakers. Upgrading to ALIPAC 2.0 was a big challenge, but we finished 2011 with our most ambitious upgrade in ALIPAC's history. Every aspect of our operations is being reviewed and made more efficient for the battles against illegal immigration that lay ahead.

-- Worked hard to circulate Arizona's and Alabama's illegal immigration crackdown laws to other states.

-- Successfully fought against federal legislation that attempted to raise legal immigration levels beyond the current historic levels of 1.6 million immigrants per year when Congress tried to bring in more 'tourists' from India, China, and Brazil. ALIPAC reminded lawmakers that half of the illegal aliens currently in America are visa overstays and that without adequate enforcement in place, legal immigration levels should not be raised.

-- Influenced the prevalence of illegal immigration as an issue in the presidential debates by successfully directing our activists to field questions to many of the GOP primary debates. With ALIPAC's help, illegal immigration has emerged as one of the top issues of the 2012 Presidential races. With your support, we will do the same for the congressional campaigns!

-- Worked hard to lead the charge against Obama's unlawful and unconstitutional Amnesty for illegal aliens created by executive memos. Members of Congress are now starting to stand up and take action due to rising public pushback.

-- ALIPAC's message was heard in the national media when we pointed out that Texas Governor Rick Perry's current and active support for in-state tuition for illegal aliens would derail his campaign. Our prediction, "Rick Perry Is Finished," was accurate and sent a message to all politicians that supporting the illegal alien invasion of America can end a campaign for higher office.

-- Became the largest repository of information regarding the Fast and Furious / Gunwalker scandals, along with information about the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. ALIPAC activists lobbying Congress helped lead to the official congressional investigations underway conducted by Congressman Darrell Issa. These investigations are moving closer to possible charges against DOJ head Eric Holder and eventually Barack Obama for their roles in using American tax dollars to buy assault weapons for murderous drug and illegal alien smuggler cartels.

-- Helped ALIPAC supporters in Utah and Maryland make major headway towards reversing illegal alien invasion legislative gains in these states. Utah passed the first state level Amnesty for illegal aliens and Maryland passed in-state tuition for illegals. With your help, we have made major headway towards reversing these new illegal alien supporting laws in MD and UT!

-- ALIPAC led the way in raising national awareness of WikiLeaks documents showing a high level of US officials plotting a "North American integration" without public knowledge or congressional approval. In years past, we have dubbed this plot the "North American Union" and leaked documents in 2011 prove warnings have been accurate and justified.

-- Continued our support for Governor Jan Brewer's legal fight to preserve Arizona's historic SB 1070 law while helping to pass tough new laws against illegal immigration in Alabama and Georgia.

-- Helped successfully stop an in-state tuition bill for illegal aliens in Oregon.

-- ALIPAC helped lead the public backlash which led to the cancellation of a terrorism drill in Iowa which depicted a future of unrestrained illegal immigration in America, where gun owners and border security advocates were portrayed as mass murdering child killers who attack schools.

-- Released a national alert to law enforcement across America warning them that recent materials issued by Homeland Security Fusion Centers falsely depicting opponents of the Obama administration, high taxes, and illegal immigration as suspect terrorists were inaccurate. Heartland Americans concerned about political issues represent the lowest crime and terrorism threats, while illegal aliens and the violent cartels that import and control them represent the highest threat. ALIPAC has fought back against Homeland Security's efforts to protect illegal alien smugglers while defaming innocent American citizens defending their homeland.

-- Took US Senator Orrin Hatch to task for his support of Utah's state level Amnesty bill HB 116, which the illegal alien supporters are now trying to export to more states.

2010 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- Played a central and decisive role in defeating the DREAM ACT Amnesty legislation in the US Senate for the 6th and 7th times in 2010. ALIPAC strategies were cited by Amnesty supporters as hindering the passage of bills that would have turned millions of illegal aliens into competitive workers, students and voters!

-- Helped to pass and defend Arizona's historic SB 1070 illegal immigration crackdown legislation, and then became the first national organization to focus on spreading the bill to other states with lawmakers in 22 states now planning to file the legislation in 2011.

-- Endorsed and supported a historic number of Federal candidates (205) who supported immigration and border enforcement in the 2010 elections. We endorsed more candidates, helped more candidates win, and sent in more donations, volunteers, and voters than ever before. ALIPAC now has 137 members of the US Congress and Senate we supported in the elections of 2010!

-- Continues to build and maintain the largest archive of information about illegal immigration and illegal immigration facts in existence! Delivered over 49 million viewed pages of information about illegal immigration via our primary website at ALIPAC.us in 2010. Our total pages delivered since 9/11/2004 now exceeds 226 million.

-- Was quoted or interviewed on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS along with several major daily newspapers and over 50 talk radio shows in 2010.

-- Has now delivered over 3.8 million video views via our ALIPAC1 Youtube account which has 1767 subscribers.

-- Became the most supported national organization fighting illegal immigration in the new social media in 2009. In 2010 we rose to over 13,000 followers on Twitter and an astounding new level of over 26,000 supporters on Facebook!

-- Raised awareness about voter fraud and illegal alien voters. ALIPAC's President was invited to appear as the first guest of Election Day 2010 in the studio with Fox News on November 2, 2010.

-- Defended Tea Party groups against false accusations of racism launched by illegal alien Amnesty supporting groups like the National Council of La Raza (aka NCLR and 'The Race') and the NAACP.

-- Spoke at 3 major Tea Party events on April 15, 16, and 17 in TX, TN, and SC to over 25,000 combined Tea Party supporters. The Houston, Texas, 'Revolution Now America' speech was influential in the 2010 elections. The South Carolina speech hit amnesty-supporting RINO US Senator Lindsey Graham hard, sending him into damage control mode. Graham backed away from the negotiating table with President Obama and Janet Napolitano five days after William Gheen's historic speech.

-- Monitored and advised supporters about illegal alien riots and clashes with police in Los Angeles following the police shooting of an illegal alien brandishing a bloody knife.

-- Received favorable media coverage across America regarding ALIPAC's call for Obama to open safe exit points to facilitate the growing numbers of illegal immigrants trying to leave America in reaction to the bad economy and increased immigration enforcement on the state level.

-- Played a lead role in defeating state legislation designed to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens in New Jersey

-- Increased ALIPAC's direct supporter levels from over 30,000 to over 35,000 in 2010. This strong growth shows rising interest in both ALIPAC and stopping and reversing illegal immigration.

-- Created a new online platform to help Americans Report Illegals to the Government properly. NOTE: All ALIPAC claims and accomplishments can be easily verified by the documentation found at alipac.us that is sent to our e-mail alert subscribers. Many thanks to all that have chosen to donate their time or funds to our efforts.

2009 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- Helped to successfully delay the filing of amnesty legislation with no bill being filed in the U.S. Senate and a bill filed in the House in late December thanks to thousands of targeted e-mails, calls, and faxes to Congress through our "Operation Amnesty Shutdown 2009". ALIPAC's successful efforts to delay the filing of Amnesty legislation pushed the debate into 2010, where we had better chances of defeating Amnesty. Promoted "Operation Blue Dog" to target Democrats in vulnerable districts who are hesitant to vote on Amnesty.

-- ALIPAC fought and won over 90% of our battles in the states for immigration enforcement and against benefits for illegal aliens, including serious state legislation bills attempting to offer in-state tuition to illegal aliens in Arkansas, Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey, and Maryland in 2009. We won against the illegal aliens and their supporters in every state battle except Wisconsin. Other victories were achieved in North Carolina, Nebraska, and other states like Missouri where we helped pass a complete ban on illegal aliens in colleges. Please contact us, if you would like a full listing of our numerous state legislation successes in 2009.

-- Defeated Dream Act Amnesty legislation again in 2009, with targeted messages and lawmaker contacts from ALIPAC's national network of volunteers and activists who shut down any motion on the legislation, after a big push by illegal alien supporters in early 2009. ALIPAC's video of the UNC Tancredo incident also helped shut down Dream Act legislation in 2009.

-- ALIPAC set a new yearly web traffic record serving over 58 million pages viewed of information about illegal immigration, activism against illegal immigration, and the negative impacts of illegal immigration at our primary website of www.alipac.us We remain the largest archive of information in existence on the topic of illegal immigration and our archives serve the public, lawmakers, researchers, campaigns, the media, and law enforcement.

-- ALIPAC's seven secondary websites have served over 3 million pages of information in 2009, including our expanded presence on YouTube, which has now earned over 2.1 million views of our videos at ALIPAC1

-- ALIPAC became the most supported organization in America addressing immigration issues in the new social medias of Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace, therefore allowing us to reach out to and organize more Americans in the fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty. With over 5,000 supporters on Facebook, over 1,000 on Myspace, and over 12,000 on Twitter, ALIPAC is more popular and powerful than La Raza, MALDEF, LULAC, and all other immigration related groups.

-- Appeared on FOX News and CNN along with many talk radio shows and in newspaper articles to spread the message that 80% of Americans oppose illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens.

-- Expanded our national supporter list from 25,000 to well over 30,000 in 2009! We were proud to welcome so many new supporters this year!

-- Fought against the growing censorship on Google, Ebay, and YouTube that was designed to alter the debate on illegal immigration, including helping to bring international press attention to the banned illegal alien Halloween costume.

-- Launched a new section on our websites at alipac.us and endillegalimmigration.com called "Polls and Surveys" to provide our activist supporters a comprehensive collection of scientific polling data showing super majorities of Americans support our pro-enforcement stances.

-- Upgraded the ALIPAC website and server capacity to handle more visitors, at a greater rate of speed, and handle higher demands for our archives, while providing more security to handle increased hacking and disruption attempts from illegal alien supporters.

-- ALIPAC was the first national organization to come to the defense of Congressman Joe Wilson by launching supportive media and activists campaigns just hours after he exclaimed "You lie!" on the floor of Congress. ALIPAC has endorsed Congressman Wilson in several elections since 2004, and came to his aid in order to point out to the nation that President Obama was lying when he claimed illegal aliens would not be covered by his health care legislation.

-- Led over 50 people in protest outside of the N.C. Community College Board meeting geared to allow illegal aliens back into N.C. community colleges. ALIPAC's earlier efforts in 2008 helped N.C. become one of the first states in America to bar illegal aliens from colleges in a precedent that can influence other states. While illegal aliens are not back in our colleges, ALIPAC is fighting hard to defend our prior enforcement progress.

-- Supported historic Tea Party and 9/12 events across America by leading a coalition of over 25 immigration enforcement groups like ALIPAC in to support these events. ALIPAC in turn has received a lot of new supporters and growth from those efforts, while creating powerful new coalitions that are needed for success in the pivotal 2010 elections.

-- ALIPAC quickly organized historic 'Tea Parties Against Amnesty' that were held in over 50 cities and towns on November 14. Across America, thousands of patriotic Americans attended to help us push back the filing of Amnesty legislation by Congressman Luis Gutierrez. With only a few short weeks to prepare, these events were the warm up for larger events designed to help us defeat Amnesty in the spring of 2010.

-- Issued calls for the resignation or termination of Janet Napolitano for claiming "The system worked," after her department failed to revoke the valid travel visa of Detroit terrorist bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Earlier calls for Napolitano to resign or be terminated were launched, when it was discovered the Department of Homeland Security was circulating official advisories to police departments across the nation that labeled most political opponents of President Barack Obama, including Americans opposed to illegal immigration and Amnesty, as suspect domestic terrorists capable of murdering officers and destroying buildings and infrastructure.

-- Actively opposed the nomination of Sonia Sotomayer to the U.S. Supreme Court due to her prior racist comments against white people and her involvement with racist pro-illegal immigration open borders radical groups like the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).

-- ALIPAC helped successfully blocked an effort in Washington to offer taxpayer monies as a bailout for biased newspapers in America that support illegal immigration.

-- Filmed and released documentation of illegal alien supporters at UNC Chapel Hill smashing out windows and clashing with police in an attempt to silence the free speech rights of Congressman Tom Tancredo. ALIPAC's film footage and perspective on the incident were viewed by millions of Americans online and on every major national network, including FOX, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC. The resulting public backlash led to public apology from University officials and criminal prosecution of those that disrupted the Tancredo event. The ALIPAC film footage of the UNC incident helped stop any forward motion on the Dream Act Amnesty legislation in 2009.

-- Launched public speaking tour in California called 'Unify Against Amnesty' in the Spring to unify groups and activists for the battle against Amnesty ahead. Spoke out on talk radio shows, worked with leaders of ten other organizations, and gave keynote addresses in Garden Grove, Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria.

-- Issued national advisories on Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti Defamation League (ADL) warning all lawmakers and members of the media that both groups had been documented disseminating false and derogatory information. Implicated role of SPLC and ADL in the distribution of false information from the Department of Homeland Security that relied on political sources to infer that Americans opposing the political agenda of President Obama were suspect domestic terrorists.

-- Raised awareness in the national media of the special treatment President Barrack Obama's welfare dependent illegal alien aunt, Zeituni Onyango is receiving by being able to remain in the U.S. and receive special new court hearings.

2008 ALIPAC Accomplishments

-- ALIPAC continues to build and maintain the largest archive of information about illegal immigration in existence. We have set new web traffic records, with 53 million pages of information and opinion about illegal immigration viewed in 2008. This exceeds our prior record of 34 million in 2007. In our four years of service to this cause, we have provided over 118 million pages of information to readers on this issue. We now manage 12 websites that reach out to and assist Americans who share our views.

-- Helped circulate and pass state legislation, which resulted in hundreds of new enforcement measures enacted on the state level. Special efforts to help pass new state laws that cracked down on illegal aliens in Utah, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Missouri.

-- Researched, endorsed, and supported over 170 campaigns for US Congress and Senate that supported enforcement over amnesty during a very difficult election cycle. Voter recommendations made for all 50 states and were viewed over 16,000 times online, while being reinforced with targeted contributions, as well as TV and Radio ads.

-- Informed Presidential Primary voters which candidates were for or against Amnesty for illegal aliens

-- Successfully lobbied California Governor Arnold Swarzenegger to veto state legislation that would have provided licenses and taxpayer funding for college for illegal aliens.

-- Lobbied for and successfully defended a new North Carolina policy barring illegal aliens from state funded community colleges.

-- ALIPAC helped circulate and implement the 287(g) program in numerous local law enforcement jurisdictions across the nation to protect American lives from illegal aliens arrested for crimes by local police.

-- ALIPAC played a lead role in a successful campaign to stop New York Governor Eliot Spitzer from offering driver licenses to illegal aliens.

-- ALIPAC helped to defeat pro-illegal alien ballot measures in Florida (Amend. 1) and Arizona (Prop 202).

-- Supported, promoted, and arranged viewing of the documentary movie "Border" by Chris Burgard, including two theater showings.

-- Informed tens of thousands of American with videos of the MS-13 gang defacement of American war veteran memorials.

-- Helped stop taxpayer stimulus checks from going to illegal aliens as originally planned by Congress.

-- ALIPAC made strong and commendable efforts, but fell short of passing immigration enforcement laws in North Carolina, Florida, and Indiana in 2008.

-- Helped lobby for the successful effort to stop illegal aliens from receiving driver licenses in Oregon, Maine, and Michigan.

-- Supported and reinforced Governor Carcieri's crackdown on illegal immigration in Rhode Island.

-- Led over 100 allied organizations into a new boycott against the Absolut Vodka Corporation for their offensive ad in Mexico showing the Southwest returned to Mexican control via www.boycottabsolut.com

-- Successfully lobbied to defeat the AgJOBS Amnesty language and the visa expansion language, which was inserted into a defense spending bill in May 2008.

-- Launched a new weekly radio show called "Last Americans Standing" to reach out to more Americans with important information and activism tips through talk radio stations and the Internet.

-- ALIPAC was one of the first organizations in America to alert supporters that illegal immigration was reversing in certain parts of the country. Our findings from our archived media reports were later confirmed by the Center for Immigration Studies and Pew Hispanic Center that agree illegal immigration is starting to reverse due to the bad economy and increased enforcement.

-- Defended the free speech of groups like ALIPAC, NumbersUSA as well as talk radio show hosts and commentators like Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck from attempts to silence debate launched by the SPLC, ADL, George Soros's Media Matters, and the National Council of La Raza (The Race)

-- ALIPAC's President, William Gheen, appeared on hundreds of talk radio shows, as well as on CNN, FOX, and CBS and in many articles about illegal immigration carrying your immigration stances to the nation.

2007 ALIPAC Accomplishments

ALIPAC played a key role in defeating "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" amnesty legislation two times by developing the messages and strategies used by activists across the nation. By launching 1 million targeted calls into key states, lobbying directly in Washington, using mass media and talk radio, and coordinating our extensive network of national activists, the measure was defeated twice.

ALIPAC played a key role in defeating the Dream Act Amnesty, by using similar tactics to those used to defeat Comprehensive Immigration Reform amnesty.

ALIPAC brought ten bloggers and several talk radio show hosts to DC for Hold Their Feet To The Fire 2007. ALIPAC's "Blogger Row" made history broadcasting back video, audio, and text reports and scored the lone legislative success of the event by getting Congressman Nunes to sign the Ramos and Compean Pardon bill.

ALIPAC has been instrumental in circulating and passing the 287(g) program in cities, counties, and towns across America, which allows local police to enforce immigration laws. We won a major battle in Waukegan, IL where pro-illegal alien forces tried to push us back and failed.

ALIPAC helped support books, songs, videos, and movies that further the cause of enforcing America's immigration laws and securing our borders. We helped to get Dr. Jerome Corsi's book, The Late Great USA into the New York Times Best seller list by flooding lawmaker offices with copies of the book. We helped the Rivioli Revue design and promote their music video "Press One for English", which has been seen over 5.5 million times on Youtube. We helped Johnny Tex and the Texicans get their song "So Long Texas Hello Mexico" on radio stations across America and we helped show Chris Burgard's film Border in many locations across the US.

ALIPAC again appeared on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS, as well as hundreds of talk radio shows across America, to inform and organize Americans for our cause and to share your concerns and opinions.

The ALIPAC website continues to grow as the largest archive of information about illegal immigration in existence. Web traffic levels now exceed over 3 million hits per month and we now have to host our site with the same company that handles Ebay, AOL, and MTV's websites. Lawmakers, citizens, journalists, authors, and researchers are using our extensive realms of painfully collected articles and information to fuel the debate nationally in many ways.

ALIPAC's President, William Gheen, traveled to speak at and support events in Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Washington, DC.

ALIPAC has led the movement in coalition efforts by creating the National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition (NIIBC), which is a historic effort supported by over 100 allied organizations. Our boycott of Bank of America found at www.bankofamericaboycott.com has generated national attention and cost the bank quite a large number of customers for their decision to issue credit cards to illegal aliens.

ALIPAC's leadership met directly with many lawmakers and their staff to oppose Amnesty and support enforcement of our immigration laws.

ALIPAC Activists helped spread and pass immigration enforcement laws in over 20 states, including Georgia, Oklahoma, and Arizona where the illegal aliens are reported to be leaving in droves now.

ALIPAC played a strong role in organizing activist to pressure New York State into opposing Governor Spitzer's plan to give licenses to illegal aliens. Spitzer recently announced he is withdrawing his plans.

ALIPAC organized activists to lobby Congress to stop Mexican trucks from having unfettered access to America and Congress recently passed a bill banning that program.

2006 ALIPAC Accomplishments

ALIPAC furhter defined our Platform into a simple message that earns high marks and a wide level of support from the American public. Online Activism: ALIPAC has created the largest online archive of information about America’s illegal immigration crisis. Our archive is helping citizens, lawmakers, journalists, and campaigns to fight illegal immigration every day. With over 22 million pages viewed, ALIPAC is playing a crucial role in the Critical Mass forming on the illegal immigration issue. Our website and archive are in the top three rankings for visitors out of the entire immigration enforcement movement. We have used our success to elevate hundreds of allied organizations on the web. We are currently one of the top activist platforms in existence on this issue.

National Media: We have established and maintained a national media profile to help organize citizen activists while warning millions of Americans about illegal immigration. ALIPAC has been covered on FOX News, CNN, National Public Radio, Business Week Magazine, and hundreds of major newspapers and talk radio shows. We are carrying your message to the public via extensive national media.

Coalition Builders: ALIPAC works to increase communication and cooperation in the immigration enforcement movement. We have supported hundreds of events and rallies, organized meetings, supported summits, and we currently are national leaders with our National Employer Flier Campaign, which is supported by over 55 allied groups and organizations. We helped establish and promote to give the public another tool to report employers and have worked closely with NumbersUSA, The Minutemen, Latino Americans for Immigration Reform, and many others.

Breaking News: ALIPAC plays a key role in breaking many stories on the national level including the pictures of the offensive billboards in LA proclaiming that the city is part of Mexico and the MS-13 gang threat to American activists. Our activism helped bring these billboards down in 8 days. We continue to bring the nation stories they would have no knowledge of without our help. We have built an extensive network comprised of talk radio shows, local cable shows, organizations, blogs, and citizen activists that work together to circulate news which is often ignored by the Main Stream Media.

Public Assistance: ALIPAC has assisted tens of thousands of people via phone calls, e-mails, and online resources to report employers and take local action. We have brought thousands of new people into the immigration enforcement movement through our extensive assistance efforts.

Legislation: ALIPAC played a key role in the defeat of In-State Tuition for illegal aliens in NC, MA, and FL. We have helped pass state laws in several states and have worked hard to prevent any legislation containing amnesty for illegal aliens from passing in the US Congress. Our citizen activists and online archive have helped fuel the passage of local laws and ordinances fighting illegal immigration. Candidates: We have endorsed and contributed to over 16 federal candidates that stand with the public on illegal immigration. Our national voter guide and coast to coast efforts for 2006 are in progress and we need your financial and volunteer support to make history fighting illegal immigration in 2006!

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