• ALIPAC Calls For Historic Campaign Volunteers

    ALIPAC Calls For Historic Campaign Volunteers

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling on members of our national network to locate the federal campaign we have endorsed nearest to you and to make contact with that campaign and volunteer immediately.

    We have identified incumbents and challengers who have promised to stand with American Defenders against the illegal immigrant invasion of America. These are candidates who will support the enforcement of our existing border and immigration laws instead of any form of Amnesty appeasement of illegal aliens.

    These campaigns need your votes, your donations, and your volunteerism!

    ALIPAC was founded on 9/11/2004 by campaign volunteers and workers who had participated on the campaigns of Senator Fern Shubert's run for Governor and Vernon Robinson's run for Congress in North Carolina. Fern and Vernon were the first candidates in modern history to make illegal immigration control a top campaign issue in North Carolina.

    William Gheen, the president and spokesman of ALIPAC, saw the need for a national organization that provided more information and support to campaign volunteers and thus ALIPAC was conceived and born!

    Volunteering for a federal campaign can accomplish the following important goals.


    -- Your contributions of time and effort increase the chances a campaign will win on election day and illegal immigration control will prevail over Amnesty supporting politicians.

    -- Volunteering for a campaign is a way for you to get closer to elected officials. Candidates will be more likely to listen to you when you contact them to ask them to oppose Amnesty and to enforce our immigration and border laws to protect American jobs, taxpayer resources, and lives.

    -- If you are unemployed or underemployed, volunteering for a campaign is a great way to network to find a job, gain very valuable letters of recommendation, or be hired into a lawmaker's offices or a government job.

    -- Volunteering for a campaign will introduce you to like minded Americans, and other ALIPAC supporters, who share your beliefs and commitment to stopping illegal immigration.

    -- Volunteering for a campaign will teach you new skills and give you new ideas on how you can increase your own personal political and activism communications and influence.


    Locate the candidates nearest you using ALIPAC's endorsed candidates list that can be accessed using the banners at the top and bottom of each page at www.ALIPAC.us

    Click on the candidate's name to go to their campaign website.

    Use the candidate's campaign website to contact the campaign by phone or online. Explain that you support the candidate's stance against illegal immigration and you want to volunteer to help the candidate win. The campaign should then explain what volunteer opportunities are available and when and where you need to be.

    Campaigns usually need volunteers to make phone calls, distribute signs, walk door to door with campaign teams, attend events, staff offices, fold and stamp letters,etc.

    If you have to travel to volunteer for a campaign ask the campaign if they can provide you with a hotel room or put you in contact with a local supporter who can help you with lodging or travel costs. Where there is a will there is a way. Power goes to those who show up and get things done!

    We need a large army of campaign volunteers coast to coast deploying now. We are counting on you to make sure that each candidate endorsed by ALIPAC receives volunteers from our network.

    ALIPAC's President William Gheen is leading the charge and deploying as a volunteer this weekend. William Gheen is traveling to Wilmington, NC, this weekend to volunteer to help Ilario Pantano defeat the illegal alien Amnesty supporter David Rouzer! Please join us in Wilmington this weekend or deploy to the campaign nearest you in your state.

    Please join us on the ground, in the trenches, and on the front lines to defend America as campaign volunteers for ALIPAC's endorsed candidates!

    Please contact us through ALIPAC.us if you need more information or support in your efforts to volunteer for our endorsed campaigns!
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