• ALIPAC Renews Endorsements for 14 Federal Candidates Fighting Illegal Immigration

    ALIPAC Renews Endorsements for 14 Federal Candidates Fighting Illegal Immigration

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    May 18, 2012

    CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
    (866) 703-0864 / Press@alipac.us

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is renewing endorsements for 14 federal candidates running in 2012 who were previously endorsed in 2010. These candidates have strong stances in favor of enforcing America's existing border and immigration laws instead of any form of Amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    Each candidate completed ALIPAC's candidate survey and pledge in 2010 indicating their opposition to illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals. These candidates have now been added to ALIPAC's 2012 endorsed candidates found at http://www.alipac.us/campaign/

    Today, ALIPAC is renewing endorsements for Jesse Kelly, who is running in Arizona's 8th Congressional district, Mark Reed running in California's 30th district, Dave Chapman running in California's 18th district, Mike Yost running in Florida's 3rd district, Bernard Sansaricq running in Florida's 23rd district, Karen Harrington running in Florida's 20th district, Ben Lange running in Iowa's 1st district, Don Volaric in Michigan's 9th district, Robyn Hamlin in Missouri's 1st district, Sam Graves in Missouri's 6th district, Anna Little in New Jersey's 6th district, Donna Campbell in Texas's district 25, and Jim Postma in Washington state's 9th district.

    ALIPAC is also renewing endorsement for Glen Urquhart's 2012 US Senate campaign in Delaware.

    "We are very pleased to see so many great candidates running again in 2012 who are answering the public's overwhelming demands for more immigration and border enforcement," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "These candidates are aligned with the super majority of American voters who when polled strongly indicated they want illegal immigration stopped and reversed through the adequate enforcement of our existing immigration laws." The renewal of these endorsements by ALIPAC raises the total number to 140 in 2012!

    ALIPAC will now display endorsements for these candidates at www.alipac.us and will encourage the group's over 40,000 national supporters to vote, volunteer, and donate directly to these endorsed campaigns.

    ALIPAC will also offer to send press releases to press contacts in each district or state in support of these endorsed candidates, and make every effort to educate voters about these federal candidates who are aligned with their views on the top national issue of illegal immigration.

    ALIPAC is America's largest grass roots political action committee endorsing candidates based on their strong stance on illegal immigration and border security. Founded on 9/11/2004, ALIPAC is a national organization consisting of Americans of all races, political parties, and walks of life who are unified against illegal immigration. For more information, interviews, or to join please visit www.ALIPAC.us
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