• ALIPAC: A vote for Boehner is a vote for Amnesty for Illegals

    ALIPAC: A vote for Boehner is a vote for Amnesty for Illegals

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    January 5, 2015

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) (866) 703-0864 | WilliamG@alipac.us

    (Raleigh-NC) ALIPAC is cautioning lawmakers that a vote for John Boehner in tomorrow's election for Speaker of the House will be considered a vote for amnesty for illegal immigrants and as such will result in loss of endorsement from the national organization that currently supports more than 70 members of Congress.

    The message "A vote for Boehner is a vote for Amnesty' will be delivered to all Republicans in Washington today along with copies of the open letter signed by 25 organization leaders calling for Obama, McConnell, and Boehner to be removed from power due to their current use of tactics designed to grant amnesty for illegals using unconstitutional means that violate a host of existing federal laws designed to protect American jobs, tax resources, and lives from illegal immigrants. Anyone supporting John Boehner beyond this point will be added to ALIPAC's 'amnesty supporters list' and targeted for removal like Eric Cantor the GOP primaries of 2016!

    "John Boehner is a serial liar like Obama and he is lying when he pretends to oppose Obama's 'Executive Action' amnesty decree that is a clear violation of the Constitution and each lawmaker's oath of office!" said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. "Boehner and Mitch McConnell both support the same amnesty plan Obama is proceeding with despite opposition from a majority of Americans and a majority of Republicans in Congress. John Boehner has been conspiring with Obama behind the scenes and we are certain that he intends to protect and facilitate Obama and eventually rubber stamp what Obama has done with Chamber of Commerce backed amnesty legislation. We hope that Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) can get the votes he needs to unseat Boehner and work to restore some integrity to Congress that John Boehner and his Democrat allies on Amnesty and the CRomnibus bill have undermined!"

    There is no chance that Nancy Pelosi can seize this rift in the GOP to become speaker once again, but John Boehner could fall from the Speakership on Tuesday January 6, 2015 if more than 29 Republicans vote for someone else.

    Currently there are 13 lawmakers publicly stating they will not vote for John Boehner for Speaker and the list includes, but is not limited to Representatives Louie Gohmert, Jim Bridenstine, Thomas Massie, Gary Palmer, Thomas Massie, Marlin Stutzman, Jody Hice, John Ratliffe, Ted Yoho, Steve King, Dave Brat, Walter Jones, and Paul Gosar.

    ALIPAC hopes to persuade larger numbers of GOP lawmakers in Congress to abandon John Boehner due to his efforts to help deliver amnesty legislation to Obama's desk by flooding DC with calls against Boehner! Washington DC will be hearing from the activists that have stopped amnesty legislation more than 7 times in the last ten years today!

    A recent poll by EMC Research found that more than 60% of Republican voters want another speaker besides John Boehner!

    For more information, to schedule interviews, or to view ALIPAC's activist call program please visit this link...

    Unprecedented Wave of Calls needed to DC to stop Boehner & Obama's Amnesty Plot

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