• Extreme Financial Edge Keeps Sellout Lying Republicans In Power

    Extreme Financial Dominance Keeps Sellout Republicans In Power

    May 7, 2014

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    Republican incumbents who support a form of amnesty for illegal aliens similar to the same globalist plan backed by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, beat back grass roots challengers by outspending them more than 40 to 1!

    In Ohio, House Speaker John Boehner easily swept past two challengers to reelection despite his efforts to help Obama pass amnesty for illegal immigrants which is opposed by more than 80% of the Republican voters in his district. In North Carolina, all incumbents won their GOP primaries and Thom Tillis won the senate primary. He is predicted to behave in office like John McCain and Lindsey Graham as he is backed by the exact same financial controllers.

    Embattled incumbent Renee Ellmers (R-NC) won her GOP primary against Frank Roche by outspending him more than 40 to 1 with Ellmers raising close to 1 Million dollars and Roche garnering only $24,000. Liberal Obama supporter Mark Zuckerberg's fake conservative group, 'Americans for a Conservative Direction' also outspent Roche running false ads lying to voters claiming Ellmers opposes amnesty for illegals when in fact she supports it!

    "Big money had to spend 40 to 1 and tell very big lies to reelect their sellout puppets in the Republican primaries!" said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. "We applaud all of the Americans who fought back yesterday, however in this election big money and lies won out and We the People who saw through the lies lost!"

    Illegal alien amnesty supporters picked up one important district in North Carolina. The prior lobbyist for illegal alien amnesty, David Rouzer, won his primary in a district that was custom made for him by his allies in the NC Senate to specifically elect him to office. ALIPAC's efforts and influence played a decisive roll in stopping Rouzer in 2012 and held his ascension to office back 2 years more than he had previously planned.

    While important battles to save America from illegal immigration reform amnesty designed to permanently overthrow American interest and voters while submerging the nation with unending waves of future illegal immigration were lost in the primaries, the political war to save America is not over yet!

    American loyalists were able to save Congressman Walter Jones from a political coup attempt by the same pro amnesty powers buying the primary elections. Jones barely won his race against a DC lobbyist who was imported into his district to outspend him while conducting a negative campaign. Walter Jones has defied both Obama and the GOP leadership on several issues including his staunch opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty.

    ALIPAC is proud to have played a role in the successful defense of Walter Jones and is now making plans to help other embattled anti-amnesty Republicans being similarly targeted by the elites like Tom McLintock (R-CA) and Steve King (R-IA).

    "We must continue to fight and Americans must understand that they must do more in this battle or we will all lose our freedoms beneath the rule of the corrupt global powers that are lying and using their mega wealth to dominate US Elections." said William Gheen.

    For more information about the elections, illegal immigration, amnesty attempts, or to schedule interviews please visit www.alipac.us

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