9/11 FSA Members and Friends,

As you know, last week a delegation of relatives of the 9/11 victims brought Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist a letter demanding passage of the Real ID Act.

That letter was signed by six hundred family members.

Although he could not be bothered to respond to us directly, we know what Frist’s response is: “Drop dead.� He indicated this week that the Real ID Act should not be considered as part of the Iraq troop funding bill but rather "considered" by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Translation: "I want to kill this bill in committee so the Senate doesn't have to have a recorded vote on it."

To be sure, Sen. Frist is not the only person responsible for this decision. Thirteen Senators sent him a letter requesting he kill the bill. (That letter is attached to this email). Although the letter from these Senators is couched in procedural objections, do not be fooled. These Senators want to kill the Real ID Act through procedural maneuvers because they lack the courage and integrity to admit that this is their purpose

For example, Sen. Lieberman is one of the signers of that letter. However, last week five family members spoke to Kevin Landy, a senior Lieberman aide, and he told us quite directly that Lieberman will not support any legislation that makes it harder for illegals to get licenses. Thus, Lieberman’s signing a letter pretending his objection is procedural is simply this: a lie.

Following is a list of the Senators who joined with Lieberman in signing this letter.

Hillary Clinton, New York

John Sununu, New Hampshire

Edward Kennedy, Massachusetts

Richard Lugar, Indiana

Ken Salazar, Colorado

Richard Durbin, Illinois

Chuck Hagel, Nebraska

Patrick Leahy, Vermont

Larmar Alexander, Tennessee

Diane Feinstein, California

John McCain, Arizona

Sam Brownback, Kansas