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    ABP Reports on Border Survey

    "Fence" Finished
    ABP Reports on Border Survey American Patrol Report -- June 4

    Border fence at the Pacific Ocean

    According to American Border Patrol, an aerial survey of the border conducted yesterday between Naco Arizona and the Pacific Ocean, found that construction work on the border fence had been halted with the exception of a small segment just east of San Diego. "The only construction activity we observed involved about one mile of fencing fifteen miles east of the coastline in a rugged area known for smuggling," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. Spencer said that some additional vehicle barriers had been constructed on the Tohono O'odham Indian reservation and some fencing had been added east of Tecate in California, but that, for the most part, very little had been done since its last report in January.
    ABP reports that most of the fencing is not fencing at all but vehicle barriers that are easily crossed on foot and easily defeated using portable ramps for vehicles.
    ABP is preparing what will amount to the final report of its Operation B.E.E.F. "Until we learn that new fence construction has been authorized we will assume that our most recent surveys reflect where the fence will be from now on," Spencer said. "We are now going to turn our attention to finding out how well protected the border really is," he added.
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    Glenn Spencer on Peter Boyles Show talking about this. ... boyles.xml

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