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    Alert: Democrats Go On Spending Spree. Stop It, Or Pay For I

    Alert: Democrats Go On Spending Spree. Stop It, Or Pay For It

    Dear Supporter,

    With families struggling to make ends meet, and many small businesses choosing between cutting jobs and closing their doors, Congressional Democrats could think of only one thing to do: spending spree!

    Of course, you're the one paying for the Democrats' trillion-dollar wish-list: electric golf carts, new cars for government bureaucrats, "tax cuts" for people who don't pay taxes, ACORN, and other items that do little or nothing to create new jobs.

    The so-called "stimulus" also gutted welfare reform and opened the door to government rationing of health care.

    Every single House Republican opposed this trillion-dollar spending spree. But our work isn't done. I need your help to keep fighting the Democrats' reckless agenda.

    It took the Democrat-led Congress just 17 days to pass their trillion-dollar bonanza for Washington special interests. To do it, they undermined President Obama's call for bipartisanship and broke their promise to give every American 48 hours to read the bill before forcing a vote.

    How long before they eliminate secret ballot rights for workers? How long before talk radio and the Internet come under the government's boot?

    Please consider making a generous contribution of $25, $50, or $100 to The Freedom Project, the political action committee I chair that supports conservative reformers for Congress and provides online tools that empower everyday Americans to fight the Democrats' liberal agenda. You can contribute safely online by clicking here.

    Speaker Pelosi's vision of an America micromanaged by a bureaucratic "elite" in Washington is the epitome of what I came to Congress to stop. I hope I can count on your help today.


    John Boehner

    P.S. On my watch, Republicans aren't going to be the party of "no" - we're going to be the party of better ideas. To help boost our economy, we crafted an economic recovery plan that included immediate tax relief for working families, help for America's small businesses, a proposal to stabilize home values, and more. Our plan would help create twice as many jobs, twice as fast as the Democrat plan - without raising taxes. But we need to elect more Republicans to help make commonsense legislation like this a reality. Contribute to The Freedom Project today and help elect commonsense conservative reformers to Congress!

    received by e-mail from
    Paid for by The Freedom Project
    and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
    Thu, 26 Feb 2009 4:33 pm

    424 C Street NE, Basement Unit | Washington, DC 20002
    P:202-543-9495 | F:202-543-9498
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    I cringe every time I see Pelosi. She's like chomping at the bit and drooling to spend like a mad woman. Apparently not quite getting this has to be paid back. Anyone remember those shopping shows, where you ran through the store for a limited time and just grabbed anything and everything and who-ever had the highest total got to keep the goods? It seems it's like, OK gang....first hundred days....lets just go like gangbusters and get it all now, coz we may never have another shot at it. It's insanity in action and terribly frightening. Then I want to scream.....OK now that we spent more than any time in history for WE have to be fiscally responsible. Little late here good buddy.
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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