American Border Patrol -- June 6
Mike Christie of American Border Patrol

American Border Patrol's Mike Christie was nearly killed yesterday when a smuggler attempted to run him down on the border. It was only the quick thinking on the part of this former law enforcement officer that saved his life.
This video shows how Christie came across the smuggler in a pick-up truck on ABP's ranch. As Christie moved to investigate, the truck turned around and headed straight for him, accelerating with its rear tires spinning. Trapped with nowhere to go, Christie pulled his sidearm and pointed it at the driver. At the last second, the driver turned toward Mexico and drove through the barbed wire fence at the border.
There is no question that had Christie not been armed, he probably would not be alive today.


Today, Christie was approached two people in Mexico. One of them offered to pay American Border Patrol to allow them to send their trucks across our property. This video shows what happened. (Christie had used an ABP border camera to make sure the people weren’t armed. He left it pointed at the point where he saw them.)