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    At the doctor's office this morning they requested each patient sign and add comments to 3 postcards (addressed to both senators and house member) opposing proposed Medicare cuts.

    The postcards were printed:
    Dear Senator XXXX:
    "I wish to voice my strong opposition to the proposed Medicare cuts. I do not want to lose my physician. These cuts will have disastrous effects on health care for seniors."
    Comments:_________________________________________ ______
    Street Address:


    My comments included stop funding illegal aliens, sanctuary cities and special interest groups like La Raza. Citizen's welfare takes priority over illegal aliens and aid to foreign governments.
    Ran out of room or would have said more!

    Found this pertaining to Medicare cuts to go into effect 7-1-08:

    Medicare Physician Reimbursement Cuts to Take Effect July 1, 2008 - 5/19/08

    Unless Congress works to take immediate action, beginning July 1 2008, a 10.6 percent Medicare payment cut will occur for physicians. Congress needs to hear now about how critical the Save Medicare Act of 2008 (S. 2785) is for doctors and seniors' access to care from those on the front lines of patient care - physicians and their staffs.

    S. 2785 would prevent the 10.6 percent cut in Medicare physician payments planned for July 1, retain current payment levels for the remainder of 2008 and enact a 1.8 percent increase for 2009. The bill would also continue "rural extender" provisions that are set to expire, and would give Congress time to work on a long-term solution to the broken Medicare payment system. ... cfm?id=739
    Medicare Cuts Will Hurt Physicians In Small Practices
    1 Add a Comment Monday, May 12th, 2008
    by Lockergnome
    Noting that many physicians across the country who lead small practices are at a business breaking point, David M. Dale, MD, FACP, president of the American College of Physicians (ACP) testified today before the House Small Business Committee. Dr. Dale emphasized that practices are medicine’s small businesses, where much of their revenue is tied directly to Medicare’s flawed reimbursement rates and formulas.

    Approximately 20 percent of ACP members who are involved in direct patient care are in solo physician practices. And, about 50 percent are in practices of five or fewer physicians.

    On July 1, physicians face a 10.6 percent cut in Medicare reimbursements. Another 5 percent cut is anticipated on January 1, 2009. The Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula that is used to calculate Medicare payments to physicians was created in 1997 and ties physician payments to growth in the overall economy. When growth in physician expenditures exceeds growth in the economy, the difference is subtracted from physician payments. The SGR formula has led to scheduled annual cuts for six consecutive years.

    Earlier this year, ACP surveyed its members to measure the impact of pending Medicare payment cuts on their practices and on their patients. The questionnaire asked internists to report on the changes they would be forced to make if Congress does not act. Although the survey was not designed as a scientific sample, almost 2,000 internists responded, providing ACP with first-hand accounts of how the SGR cuts are affecting millions of Medicare beneficiaries.

    Dr Dale cited the story of one respondent, a Texas internist, who said:

    “The practice of medicine is a calling and as such, my colleagues and I have endured more unfair revenue cuts than most businesses would have endured. Yet, a medical practice is also a small business, and there are limits to how much we can endure. We are now at the point where further cuts are not survivable. Just like any small business, our revenue has to exceed costs in order to survive. Despite everything that I have been able to do to cut costs, the margin of profit is now thin, and the proposed greater than 10 percent cut will put us out of business. The only option will be to downsize the practice and stop seeing all Medicare patients. I would hate this, but it will be the only option I have if Congress does not reverse the proposed cuts.
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    They've already said the majority of Dr.s around here won't be accepting any new medicare patients so if you aren't already on medicare and a regular patient, forget about getting one.
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    Costs for food, taxes, and energy have hit the fixed income senior citizens leaving them with less disposable income. Now their medicare is threatened. Let's cut spending on schools, daycare and free healthcare for illegal aliens and other immigratns. Citizens should be our concern.

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    Citizens should be our concern.

    But they're not. Sad.

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    If we hit this situation with the facts of the free and COMPREHENSIVE medical care that illegals get, we just might get somewhere with this.

    William, how can we use this?
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