February 15, 2011 By G. Perry

For those readers/activists who live in Pennsylvania, or for you intrepid patriots who are willing to make the three hour-long drive into the Keystone State, there will be a pivotal meeting this weekend dealing with the issues that we’ve explored on this site since late last year.

I’d like to thank the president of NY ICE for apprising me of the immigration forum the Berks County Patriots-another great ally in our cause-will be holding this coming saturday. The details, for anyone interested in attending the forum, are posted below. For more information, you can visit their website.

Hopefully, they’ll have a great turnout. We need to demonstrate to the rest of the country that the Northeast has not succumbed to open borders propaganda, but is in fact at the forefront of the reinvigorated movement to retake control of our borders and implement sensible immigration policies.