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    The California Taxpayer Protection Act 2010


    Posted July 15, 2009


    When: Thursday, July 16, 2009, 11:30 AM

    Where: Alcove Restaurant, reserved room: Backroom Bungalow

    1929 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz District, Los Angeles

    Who: Chelene Nightingale, Candidate for Governor, American Independent Party

    Barbara Coe, Chairwoman, California Coalition for Immigration Reform

    Tony Dolz, Congressional Candidate 30th District

    Ted Hayes, Community Activist

    Ted Hilton, Chairman, Taxpayer Revolution

    The California Taxpayer Protection Act 2010
    A California Ballot Initiative Now Circulating for Signature Gathering

    The CTPA-2010 will potentially save the taxpayers of California

    from $2 billion to $13 billion dollars annually

    The CTPA-2010 Will Solve the State's Economic Crisis and Lower Taxes by

    Deterring those who are Unlawfully-Present from giving Birth in California

    Ending $2 Billion Child-Only Welfare Direct-Bank-Deposits for All Recipients

    Ending all Public Benefits to Those Here Unlawfully Including $2 Billion in Pre-Natal Care

    CTPA-2010 changes how the state issues birth certificates. While NOT denying ANY child born in California a birth certificate, it creates conditions that make it undesirable for foreigners to come to California unlawfully for the purpose of giving birth. CTPA-2010 ends the state's obligation to subsidize unlawfully-present-parents for 18 years with public assistance for each child they birth.

    These are the conditions imposed by CTPA-2010:

    Every parent will be required to sign an affidavit attesting that they are a citizen or legal resident. Those parents will receive birth certificates in the same way as it is currently under the law.

    Mother who cannot sign the affidavit will have to meet a number of additional conditions;

    Submit a government issued identification with photograph
    Submit to fingerprinting
    Pay a $50 fee
    Provide a legal United States address
    Provide a copy of the bill for the birth delivery, if publicly funded
    The state of California will then be required to provide the above information to the Department of Homeland Security for disposition.

    Falsifying the affidavit; providing false information; or for government employees to assist any person in circumventing the new law will be a felony punishable by 4 years in jail, $5000 fine or both.


    The wording of the Initiative is based for all practical purposes on the identical wording of an Initiative passed in the state of Oklahoma.

    The Oklahoma law has survived all legal challenges in Federal Appeals Court. The CTPA-2010 stands on solid legal grounds and is highly unlikely that it would be overturned. In addition, the CTPA-2010's several provisions are �severable� meaning that if one is defeated in a court challenge, all other provisions will stand.

    The authors of the Initiative are Ted Hilton, a Constitutional Scholar; Tony Dolz a Candidate for the U.S. 30th Congressional District; Bill Morrow a former California State Senator; and Bill Siler the Adjunct of the California American Legion. Endorsers include Congressmen Brian Bilbray and Dana Rohrabacher; and Peter Nunez the former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury and former United States Attorney.


    � Register as a volunteer at the website,

    Download and print the Initiative from the website; sign it and return it

    Organize others in the community to capture substantial numbers of valid signatures

    Do public speaking and hold events to promote signature gathering and passage

    The Rasmussen Report Poll of Friday, June 5th indicates that an overwhelming 80% of voters oppose government-backed healthcare for illegal aliens.

    TODAY, go to the website, Register and Start the Signature Collection Process

    For Media Contact and further information contact Tony Dolz or Ted Hilton at 858-270-2425

    Tony Dolz

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    Pay a $50 fee

    Fifty bucks?? Thats not enough in my opinion!
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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