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    You want some of this?

    Call for CO Today over Illegal Tuition Benefits!!

    Now it is time to act! Please call today and/or first thing tomorrow morning. Details below.

    Senate Bill 170 would allow any student who had attended a Colorado high school for at least three years and graduated to receive taxpayer-sponsored in-state tuition. The Senate Education Committee approved the bill and it is going to the senate floor tomorrow (Tuesday) for a second reading.

    See the Denver Post article Another guilt trip, anyone?, by Al Knight.

    Since the bill was passed out of committee on party line vote (with Dems in favor of subsidizing illegal aliens) please call today and/or early tomorrow morning (Tuesday):

    1. Call the Democratic leadership in the Colorado Senate:

    President: 866-3342
    Pres. Pro Tempore: 866-3077
    Majority Leader: 866-3341
    Ass't Majority Leader: 866-4866

    2. Call your Democratic Colorado Senator.

    If you don't know who your senator is, please use these links to find out...

    Link to list of all legislators ... enFrameset

    This is a location to search for individual Senators by zip... ... eria=upper

    The link to the State Democratic Party with county party addresses and state leadership

    From the Democratic Senate website:

    Here are specific links on Senators and their districts:

    President Peter Groff SD 33 (Denver) SD 33 Map
    President Pro Tempore Betty Boyd SD 21 (Lakewood) SD 21 Map
    Majority Leader Brandon Shaffer SD 17 (Longmont) SD 17 Map
    Assistant Majority Leader Lois Tochtrop SD 24 (Thornton) SD 24 Map
    Caucus Chair Suzanne Williams SD 28 (Aurora) SD 28 Map
    Bob Bacon SD 14 (Ft. Collins) SD 14 Map
    Morgan Carroll SD 29 (Aurora) SD 29 Map
    Dan Gibbs SD 16 (Summit County) SD 16 Map
    Joyce Foster SD 35 (Denver) SD 35 Map
    Rollie Heath SD 18 (Boulder) SD 18 Map
    Mary Hodge SD 25 (Brighton) SD 25 Map
    Evie Hudak SD 19 (Arvada) SD 19 Map
    Jim Isgar SD 6 (Hesperus) SD 6 Map
    Moe Keller SD 20 (Wheat Ridge) SD 20 Map
    John Morse SD 11 (Colorado Springs) SD 11 Map
    Linda Newell SD 26 (Littleton) SD 26 Map
    Chris Romer SD 32 (Denver) SD 32 Map
    Paula Sandoval SD 34 (Denver) SD 34 Map
    Gail Schwartz SD 5 (Snowmass) SD 5 Map
    Abel Tapia SD 3 (Pueblo) SD 3 Map
    Jennifer Veiga SD 31 (Denver) SD 31 Map

    3. It also can't hurt to call if your Senator is Republican.

    Tell them you support their position against giving taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

    These are desperate economic times when families can not even afford to send their own children to college. Our Colorado Senate should not be allowed to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens who can not even work here legally!

    Please call today. Your call is very important!


    Stan Weekes

    Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform
    Work Harder Millions on Welfare Depend on You!

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    Apr 2008
    You want some of this?
    Work Harder Millions on Welfare Depend on You!

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