Chamber of Commerce Can’t Win a Fair Fight -- Turn to Duplicity and Deceit

Dear Friend,

I have some good news and bad news. The good news is in the pigs fly category: the far left 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the Arizona's new immigration enforcement law- the toughest and most effective worker verification law in the country! And it is not likely to be challenged to the Supreme Court because the open border crowd doesn't want it approved for all America.

This is a huge victory!! It means states can require their businesses to use the E-Verify system to assure that they don't hire illegals. And if they don't and hire illegals the penalties are huge. The states are now in a position to do what the federal government has refused to do-enforce immigration laws.

Unfortunately the Chamber of Commerce crowd isn't giving up! With both the people and the courts against them they have decided to a new approach--a hat trick.

The exact same group that sued to overturn Arizona's tough law put Proposition 202 on the November ballot. Fully aware of the sentiment of the voters to illegal workers they called it "Stop Illegal Hiring Act". Truth in advertising would require it be called "Amnesty for Arizona Businesses"! It guts the tough immigration bill the courts just upheld by removing the E-Verify requirement and makes it virtually impossible to prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens.

If the proposition was properly named it would fail miserably! But with a name like "Stop Illegal Hiring Act" the burden falls on our friends in Arizona to raise enough money to let voters know there is a wolf in sheep's clothing on the ballot. Meanwhile the open borders crowd will be spending a million dollars or more deceiving the people into voting for a law that they absolutely oppose! You can read more on this sham by visiting our website.

I have called Arizona's Tom Tancredo, a state senator named Russell Pearse, and asked what we can do to help. He said he needs to raise $100,000 for radio ads to get the word out loud and clear. I told Russell Team America will do whatever we can to help.

Our friends in Arizona has been in the forefront of the immigration battle and they have won it!! First they passed Prop 200 which required proof of state residency to vote or receive many social services. They passed four other tough initiatives in 2006. Then they passed the toughest immigration bill in the nation and the illegal workers were forced to leave the state. And legislators and activists across America are using Arizona's laws as a model for their own communities.

Team America has already sent them a check for $10,000 and I am hoping with your help to raise them thousands more. You can either contribute on our website and put "stop prop 202" in the comment section, or go directly to and contribute there.

Times are tough, but losing in Arizona after having won so decisively will severely set us back as a movement! Please understand I know it must seem like too much but the other side has so much money and yet if we just give the voter the information we will wipe them again in Arizona and inspire more Americans to go to the people to get our country back.

We so appreciate of all you do for this important cause.

Keep the faith,

Your Friend, Bay

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Bay Buchanan
Fri, 3 Oct 2008 9:36 am