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    This is the website for Rumble at the Ranch, the May 6 protest planned in Crawford Texs.
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    I can't be there in person, but my spirit and my prayers will be there!

    God Bless American Patriots!

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    a day of reckoning

    Esteemed fellow Americans,
    Our protest against president George W. Bush for not defending the United States from the illegal alien invasion of our country is on schedule and will take place on Saturday, May 6, 2006.

    For those of you that will be flying in from out of state (like myself), Waco Texas is about one half hour away from the city of Crawford. You will have no
    problems finding lodging in Waco but you should make reservations ahead of time.

    The rally will be held adjacent to the Crawford Community Center,
    999 East 4th St. Crawford, Texas 76638 on the football field parking lot. We will have a large tent capable of sheltering three hundred persons. Chairs and other necessary conveniences will be available.

    Our event begins at 1pm with the following persons as participants and speakers.

    Master of Ceremonies:
    Author and talk show host Lynn Wolley

    Guest Speakers:
    Radio Talk show host, Terry Anderson

    AIC member, author, film maker and congressional liaison, John Clark

    FAIR Western Field Director, Rick Oltman

    Texas Minutemen President, Shannon McGauley

    Latino Americans for Immigration Reform President, Lupe Moreno

    President of Texas Eagle Forum, Cathie Adams

    President California Coalition for Immigration Reform, Barbara Coe

    President Latinos for Legal Immigration, Tony Dolz

    LAIR Vice President, Angie Morfin

    Following the two to three hour media and speaking portion of this event, some of you may want to ride out to the ranch in a caravan with us. The ranch is about one half hour away from Crawford.
    Current law forbids us from stopping anywhere along the road but we may proceed slowly.

    The secret service compound is across from the ranch and they will surely notice that we are there and they will be notified ahead of time as to why we are there.

    This is the first ever protest of George W. Bush or any President over the issue of illegal immigration. With your help by attending this historic event or by circulating this email to all parties that may have an interest you will have helped out tremendously.

    This protest is about our country and its future.

    We welcome all members of anti-illegal immigration organizations and heads of those to attend in a spirit of unity and patriotism.

    Come and represent your organization or your household.

    We are all Americans and proud of it!

    Frank Jorge
    Event Organizer
    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

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