Dear Friend,

Thank you for your support of FAIR! You and our thousands of activists across the U.S. have a great opportunity to get real immigration reform passed. We truly appreciate the hard work you put in advocating immigration reform in your town and state throughout the year. Right now, people just like you are traveling to Washington, D.C. to demand Congress do more to make immigration reform a top priority for our nation's future.

We look forward to your help as we prepare for a week of activities that will have a direct impact on the chances for real immigration reform this year.

To help get the message across to Congress we're depending on people like you who can reinforce the people on the ground here in D.C. by sending faxes, calling and emailing your members of Congress and really Holding their Feet to the Fire on immigration. Just this week the dangerous AgJOBS amnesty program went down in defeat thanks to your efforts. You called, faxeed and emailed so loudly our senators heard you and made the right choice for America.

Together, we know we can be successful in getting legislation like the extremely important REAL ID Act passed if our message comes through loud and clear. We will be sending daily updates about activities you can do from home next week to help with the Feet to the Fire event. Thank you for your work and keep the faith!

Dan Stein
President FAIR