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    From: Federation for American Immigration Reform Date: 2006/04/04 Tue PM 07:05:32 EDT
    Subject: Legislative Alert: The Senate is Placing Special Interests Before Public Interest

    The Senate is Placing Special Interests Before The Public Interest
    The Senate continues to debate immigration reform this week as the public anxiously awaits action on the Kennedy/Bush amnesty plan and the Frist border security plan that also doubles legal immigration taking jobs from doctors, nurses and high-tech workers.

    The dangerous proposal sent to the Senate Floor by Senator Specter would grant amnesty to the illegal aliens present in the United States while at the same time opening the door for a million more guest workers to come to the country. Those guest workers will also be eligible to apply for citizenship.

    Senators have begun to explain their support of the Bush Amnesty plan by trying in vain to convince the American public it isn't amnesty. Here's why most Americans know the Specter proposal is an Amnesty:

    There is no punishment for having broken our laws
    Illegal aliens can continue to stay/live here
    Illegal aliens can continue to work here
    Despite breaking our laws, illegal aliens are given a privileged path to U.S. citizenship
    In essence, illegal aliens are rewarded for breaking our laws
    The Senate does not even know what the impact of this legislation. When Senator Specter was asked if he and his colleagues "were looking at the considerable demographic impact" of the bill, Specter replied, "No. We've barely been able to get this bill typed up." Why then are we rushing this important national policy change through? The U.S. Senate needs to hear from the American people. Too often those on Capitol Hill are willing to trade the interests of the American people for special interests. Call today, tomorrow and the rest of the week to make your voices heard!

    These Senators are reportedly on the fence about which way they will vote-for special interest or the public interest. Please call these Senators to tell them to vote against the Specter legislation and the Frist legislation. We need to adopt border security and enforcement only provisions like S. 2377 introduced by Senators Nelson, Coburn and Sessions.

    Call these Senators' offices now!
    Sen. Lott R-MS (202) 224-6253

    Sen. Allen R-VA (202) 224-4024

    Sen. Allard R-CO (202) 224-5941

    Sen. Bond R-MO (202) 224-5721

    Sen. Burns R-MT (202) 224-2644

    Sen. Chambliss R-GA (202) 224-3521

    Sen. Cornyn R-TX (202) 224-2934

    Sen. Hatch R-UT (202) 224-5251

    Sen. Dorgan D-ND (202) 224-2551

    Sen. Kyl R-AZ (202) 224-4521

    Sen. Sununu R-NH (202) 224-2841

    Sen. Ensign R-NV (202) 224-6244

    Sen. Rockefeller D-WV (202) 224-6472

    Sen. Stabenow D-MI (202) 224-4822

    Sen. Feinstein D-CA (202) 224-3841
    Sen. Frist R-TN (202) 224-3344

    Sen. Talent R-MO (202) 224-6154

    Sen. Thomas R-WY (202) 224-6441

    Sen. DeMint R-SC (202) 224-6121

    Sen. Burr R-NC (202) 224-3154

    Sen. Bennett R-UT (202) 224-5444

    Sen. Hutchison R-TX (202) 224-5922

    Sen. Snowe R-ME (202) 224-5344

    Sen. Enzi R-WY (202) 224-3424

    Sen. McConnell R-KY (202) 224-2541

    Sen. Murkowski R-AK (202) 224-6665

    Sen. Santorum R-PA (202) 224-6324

    Sen. Thune R-SD (202) 224-2321

    Sen. Bunning R-KY (202) 224-4343
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