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    From: Federation for American Immigration Reform
    Date: 2006/04/06 Thu PM 05:25:25 EDT
    Subject: Legislative Alert: Specter Defeated But Another Senate Vote on Amnesty Tomorrow

    Some Senators Listening to (Hearing) the American Public!
    The Senate failed to invoke cloture this morning by a vote of 39-60 on the Specter Amnesty, all but making it go it go away. You are making the difference! Many Senate offices tell us your voices are loud and clear-no amnesty! Since the cloture vote on the Specter Amendment failed, the largest amnesty proposal in American history does not have enough support behind it to pass the Senate.

    Now, we face the second wave of amnesty-a late night "compromise" hashed out between Maj. Leader Frist and Sens. Hagel and Martinez.

    Majority Leader Frist decided to invoke cloture on this new "compromise" -- one that allows illegal aliens who have been here for at least five years (Illegally) to have amnesty. Those who recently entered the country have only to apply for papers and get legal status, and the requirement they depart the country is full of loopholes, starting with the fact this "mandatory" measure can be waived. Thus, the longer you've broken the law the greater your reward. Does anyone believe that this scenario is any better? With the rampant document fraud encountered each day by employers and USCIS will there be anyone with papers showing they've been here less than five years? We doubt it!

    An amnesty is an amnesty!

    There is no punishment for having broken our laws
    Illegal aliens can continue to stay/live here
    Illegal aliens can continue to work here
    Despite breaking our laws, illegal aliens are given a privileged path to U.S. citizenship
    In essence, illegal aliens are rewarded for breaking our laws
    We have received many reports from you about your calls to the U.S. Senate. We are so appreciative of not only your calls, but for your feedback. Your feedback helps us direct our resources, and yours, in the right direction.

    Many of you have stated your disappointment with the responsiveness of the Congressional staff answering your calls. Please treat this interaction with these Senate offices as you would with any company. You deserve to be treated respectfully. When you call, get the staffer's name first. If at anytime you feel you are not treated with the appropriate "customer/constituent service," ask to speak to their supervisor or staff director. You may even call back to the DC office or to their district offices to voice your complaint. These elected officials work for you-remember to hold them accountable.

    Please call these Senators to respectfully but assertively tell them to vote against the Hagel/Martinez amnesty (vote to take place at 10:30, Friday, April 7), and to vote against the doubling of legal immigration legislation also in the Hagel/Martinez amendment that will be voted on tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. We need to adopt border security and enforcement only provisions like S. 2377 introduced by Senators Nelson, Coburn and Sessions.

    Here's a suggestion of what you can say. . .

    "Hi, with whom am I speaking? Thank you for taking my call. I want to urge the Senator to vote against both the Hagel/Martinez amnesty and the Frist legislation tomorrow. The only thing acceptable to the American public is true enforcement like S.2377, the Nelson, Coburn, Sessions bill. I will be tracking the Senator's vote."

    Please Call these Senators' offices now! They are waffling on this vote between special interests and the public interest. Tell them to vote for the public interest and say no to the Hagel/Martinez and Frist legislation.
    Sen. Lott R-MS (202) 224-6253

    Sen. Allen R-VA (202) 224-4024

    Sen. Allard R-CO (202) 224-5941

    Sen. Bond R-MO (202) 224-5721

    Sen. Burns R-MT (202) 224-2644

    Sen. Chambliss R-GA (202) 224-3521

    Sen. Cornyn R-TX (202) 224-2934

    Sen. Hatch R-UT (202) 224-5251

    Sen. Dorgan D-ND (202) 224-2551

    Sen. Kyl R-AZ (202) 224-4521

    Sen. Sununu R-NH (202) 224-2841

    Sen. Ensign R-NV (202) 224-6244

    Sen. Rockefeller D-WV (202) 224-6472

    Sen. Stabenow D-MI (202) 224-4822

    Sen. Feinstein D-CA (202) 224-3841
    Sen. Frist R-TN (202) 224-3344

    Sen. Talent R-MO (202) 224-6154

    Sen. Thomas R-WY (202) 224-6441

    Sen. DeMint R-SC (202) 224-6121

    Sen. Burr R-NC (202) 224-3154

    Sen. Bennett R-UT (202) 224-5444

    Sen. Hutchison R-TX (202) 224-5922

    Sen. Snowe R-ME (202) 224-5344

    Sen. Enzi R-WY (202) 224-3424

    Sen. McConnell R-KY (202) 224-2541

    Sen. Murkowski R-AK (202) 224-6665

    Sen. Santorum R-PA (202) 224-6324

    Sen. Thune R-SD (202) 224-2321

    Sen. Bunning R-KY (202) 224-4343
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