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    From: Federation for American Immigration Reform Date: 2006/03/16 Thu PM 05:30:44 EST
    Subject: March 20-25 Save The American Worker Week (SAWW) - With Audio Message From Dan Stein

    Next Week is Save the American Worker Week

    Save the American Worker Week
    March 20-25, 2006

    Minutemen Team Up With FAIR for Save the American Worker Week Read the details here

    Senate Recess Gives You a Chance to Make Them Feel the Heat

    Next week the Senate will be in recess for the St. Patrick's Day holiday. The following week, the full Senate will begin debating legislation granting amnesty for some 12 million illegal aliens and creating a new unlimited guest worker program that will place jobs in virtually every sector of our economy on the auction block for the lowest bidder for cheap foreign labor.

    This makes next week an opportune time for you to let Senators hear from you while they are home and meeting with constituents. FAIR has put together a program, the "living room lobby" program, to help you to be as effective as possible in persuading Senators to vote no on guest worker amnesty or to at least exert maximum heat on Senators refusing to heed the immigration preferences of constituents like you.

    It's Easy to Participate

    Each day we will send you a menu of actions you can complete in a matter of minutes to convince your Senators that amnesty guest worker programs would set the stage for the rapid dismantlement of the American middle class, widespread displacement of American workers in all sectors of the economy and accelerated diminishment of wages for American workers.

    Talk Radio Shows Across the Nation Will Back You Up

    Your efforts next week will be backed up by radio talk show hosts around the country who will observe Save the American Worker Week by devoting their programs to the stopping the Senate from adopting an amnesty guest worker program. They will ask their listeners to join you in demanding that their Senators vote no when the legislation is debated beginning on March 27.

    Special Audio Message from FAIR President Dan Stein

    Listen to FAIR President Dan Stein as he discusses the latest developments in the Senate regarding guest worker amnesty and why your participation in Save the American Worker Week is so important. (MP3 format).
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