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    FAIR Save American Worker Week/Audio Msg From Dan Stein

    From: FAIR
    Date: 2006/03/20 Mon PM 06:00:33 EST
    Subject: Save the American Worker Week Begins - Crunch Time in the Senate

    FAIR President on Save the American Worker Week 2006
    Why it's important to participate and how you can help.
    Audio Message from Dan Stein

    New! Projecting U.S. population to 2050

    FAIR's latest blockbuster study shows the effect of a guest worker amnesty proposal like the one proposed by Sen. Specter (R-PA). U.S. population would hit 500 million by mid-century.

    Your support of FAIR through generous contributions throughout the year makes timely research reports like this possible. FAIR's report was picked up by Lou Dobbs and should be on tonight's show! FAIR is making a difference thanks to your help.

    Dear Immigration Reform Supporter,

    The pressure on Congress to do something - anything - about the illegal immigration crisis is reaching fever pitch. Last December, the House passed H.R. 4437, a measure that focused on enforcement of our nation's immigration laws. But now, the Senate is poised to pass an amnesty bill that would open the borders and destroy America's middle class. FAIR and the forces of TRUE Immigration Reform have been working hard over the past months to make sure that the views of the majority of Americans who want an end to illegal immigration are heard in Congress, and that good legislation makes it to President Bush's desk this year.

    To Support FAIR's Efforts to Secure TRUE Enforcement Laws and Fight Guest Worker Amnesty in the Senate

    Now more than ever, FAIR needs the support of Americans like you who are passionate about immigration reform and securing our nation's borders. Not since 1996 has the opportunity - and peril - been greater.

    Open-border lobbyists thought they would have an easy time in the Senate, given the competing guest worker amnesty bills there. Instead, they've found that someone else had already talked to Senators about guest worker amnesty - their constituents - who told them loud and clear NO amnesty…NO guest workers…NO rewards for law breakers.

    FAIR, along with other groups like the Minuteman Project, has formed a coalition to fight these guest worker amnesty proposals. FAIR also provides expert assistance to state legislators and to members of Congress, as well as grapple with reform legislation. And recent FAIR-sponsored candlelight vigils, held across the U.S., are getting the attention of decision makers.

    Now FAIR, along with talk radio hosts around the country, is organizing the "Save the American Worker" Week, March 20th - 25th. (We've sent out today's email with instructions on how to participate in this effort.) Your continued support helps keep FAIR at the forefront of immigration reform and is what makes this coordination and cooperation possible. Please help by sending a contribution today! FAIR relies on contributions like yours so every dollar received is appreciated and put to good use.

    Thank you!

    And don't forget to keep the pressure on by continuing to email, fax and call Congress.
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