Another Kangaroo Court held by another sellout legislature. We need to keep extreme pressure on the Socialists in the only state that rivals California for stupid ideas.

Oregon runs over its legal residents to suck up and cater to special interest groups like CAUSA, etc.

Trust me, his one is far from dead and we'll need to overwhelm these jerks to kill this bill; which they'll revive every session. You'll see by how they ended the meeting, they have absolute contempt for taxpayers and owe no one any accountability.

From Oregonians for Immigration Reform

April 13, 2009

Oregonians For Immigration Reform Members and Supporters:

A hearing on HB 2939 was held this afternoon by the House Education Committee. HB 2939 was the last item on the Committee’s agenda; 3 other bills were heard first. The Hearing on HB 2939 lasted about 50 minutes, from 2:10 until 3 pm. Everyone interested in HB 2939 had to sit and wait through the earlier hearings. Many OFIR members attended the meeting.

While at the Legislature, we learned that a number of legislators reported receiving many, many phone calls and emails opposing HB 2939. Congratulations, OFIR members and activists!

Large numbers of mostly Hispanic students of college age attended the Hearing. So many people came that the Hearing chamber was filled, and the overflow of some 50 or more people sat outside in the lobby with a television monitor where they could see and hear proceedings.

At the beginning of the Hearing, State Sen. Frank Morse (R-Albany/Corvallis) spoke; he is one of two Republican sponsors of the bill in addition to the main sponsor, Rep. Michael Dembrow (D-NE Portland). He described at length his warm feelings toward immigrants and his distress that “through no fault of their own,