April 9, 2005
Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Post Office Box 297, Valparaiso, IN 46384
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Urgent!! Call your Senators to stop AgJobs Amnesty, S. 359. Both Indiana Senators
Bayh & Lugar are co-sponsors of this horrible piece of legislation. If passed, this
could give amnesty to nearly 3 million illegal aliens. The agricultural workers
plus their spouses & children would gain legal status. Once the crops have been
picked, will they then pick our pockets by going on welfare for the rest of the year
or will they simply take labor jobs from hard-working American citizens? As a
taxpayer, I don't like either option.

Rep. Sensenbrenner's national security legislation, the REAL ID Act (HR 41, was
passed by the House and attached to the Iraq Supplemental Appropriations Bill and
sent to the Senate. Both of these need to be approved by the Senate. The Senators
are considering attaching the AgJobs Amnesty to the "must pass" Defense
Appropriations Bill/REAL ID Act and will most likely vote on it the week of

April 11th. Please tell everyone who agrees with us to call their Senators right
away at 1-877-762-8762 (toll-free). See for more info.


The Minuteman Project is off to a great start!

They began watching the Arizona border on April Fool's Day and the joke seems to be
on the "Fox hiding behind the Bush," to quote one of the MMP signs. The
Minutepeople, as I like to call them, have succeeded in getting Bush to send
hundreds of extra agents to the border. For his part, Fox has stationed Mexican
troops just south of the border where they are intercepting illegals and turning
many of them back. This has substantially reduced the number of attempted crossings.
The MMP has spotted hundreds of the remaining illegals and has called in the Border
Patrol to apprehend them. They have proven that it is entirely possible to secure
our border and to do so quickly.


The Indiana General Assembly will most likely create study committees to look at
driver's licenses and other immigration matters over the summer. We'll keep you
posted as we get more details.


Tell your state representatives to dissolve the Indiana Commission on
Hispanic/Latino Affairs. Taxpayer money ($125,000 per year) should not be used to
aid and abet illegal aliens. This is exactly what ICHLA does when they recommend
that we give driver's licenses to illegals so they can avail themselves of all the
privileges and services that should be reserved for legal residents and citizens.
(Read ICHLA's Driver's License and Immigration Subcommittee Final Report at Indiana law requires a Social Security
Number in order to get a driver's license. Illegals can't get a SSN except through
fraud. They can get an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) from the
IRS but it is no good for identification purposes and should not be accepted in
place of a SSN. Nonetheless, ICHLA recommends we accept the ITIN and start issuing
licenses to illegals. Call 1-800-382-9467 for Indiana State Senators/1-800-382-9842
for Indiana State Democrat Representatives/1-800-382-9841 for Indiana State
Republican Representatives.


Illinois may recognize the Matricula Consular Card for identification purposes if SB
1623 passes. The card is only needed by illegal aliens and doesn't actually verify
their identity. The FBI has testified that the Matricula card is not a reliable form
of identification

(See: Anyone can purchase
the card for a small fee as Dave Gorak of Midwest Coalition for Immigration
Reduction has proven. Contact him through his website and he can email you a copy of his Matricula Card.
Unless the citizens of Illinois mobilize, it looks like HB 129 will also pass and
give driver's licenses to illegals. If this happens, some of Indiana's legislators
will recommend that we follow their lead.


Must read: Dr. Cosman explains why Medicaid & other medical costs are skyrocketing

Must listen: And they call us racists? Hear what open-borders proponents say about
Americans. http:// ccir .ne t/AUDIO/ TakeoverOfAmericaCD/Menu.html



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April 23-28, 2005-"Hold their Feet to the Fire" Rally in D.C.:
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