From: "Cheree"
Date: 2006/06/18 Sun PM 12:39:30 EDT
To: "IFIRE List -
Subject: **New IFIRE forum**

Hi, everybody!

Exciting news! The IFIRE forum is up and running now! Please register and leave your comments. Your active participation will make this a vibrant, fun and informative place.

The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride is the next big event in Indiana. Check out the Events Calendar to read what we have so far. I?ve got to tell you, this is going to be huge! We have speakers coming in from around the country who will knock your socks off! Don?t miss this one! Groups from other states are helping us out and can post their events on our site as well.

I?ve posted one article for discussion so far. It?s about the Pence Plan or, as I like to call it, the Amnesty with a Vacation Plan. We are in much greater danger of this plan passing than we ever were from the unconstitutional, fatally-flawed S. 2611. Unless he withdraws this plan, I would not vote for him again. Hoosiers, please make sure he hears from you!

You?ll notice that we have grouped Indiana counties into 5 regions. It is our hope that you will post articles here from your local newspapers and talk about what you see going on. For example, one member told me he sees busses with state plates transporting illegals and wonders if they?re being driven to work. Please encourage your friends and family members to join the discussion. We?re hoping people get to know each other and, as a result, form new IFIRE chapters in more areas of the state.

If there?s something you?ve been wanting to talk about, feel free to start your own discussions and post articles of interest. If you haven?t ever posted on a discussion forum, it?s pretty easy. You can do a trial run in our Test Area or just jump in. I?m still learning and we can help each other. I?m looking forward to meeting a lot of new people here!