From a concerned sovereign American:


Last Saturday, representative Jared Polis of Colorado held an outdoor meeting with 50 to 75 people at the Rancho Liborio grocery store on 88th and Washington in the North Metro Denver area. Many of those who attended were activists concerned about the Comprehensive Health bill HB 3200. The majority of the activists attending opposed allowing illegal aliens to receive benefits from the bill.

Several activists pointed out the bill fails to request verification of identity and lawful presence in order to receive benefits. Polis reiterated that there was language in the bill excluding benefits to illegals. He would not commit to secure and verifiable at the time but seemed to finally understand the reason for the request.

As usual he fell back on the old comprehensive immigration reform "saw" in answering questions concerning illegal immigration. He mentioned town hall meeting will be held on the amnesty program to be proposed after the first of the year. He stated his support for amnesty for the twelve million [to twenty million] plus illegals in the country now and claimed this would be coupled with strong border closure and sanctions against employers.

Take a moment to call Jared (202) 225-2161) and tell him you want him to include language for states to verify identity and legal presence in the health care bill.

John Brick, American Citizens Party


Health Care Debate Revives Immigration Battle
New York Times, September 5, 2009

The Obama administration took an overhaul of the country's immigration laws off its legislative agenda this year, but the prickly issue of public benefits for illegal immigrants has resurfaced in the health care debate.

During the summer recess, members of Congress faced persistent questions from constituents worried that health care changes could leave taxpayers footing medical bills for illegal immigrants. President Obama has not been able to extinguish the doubts despite giving repeated assurances that illegal immigrants would be excluded from any subsidized benefits under proposals before Congress.

Democratic lawmakers, growing exasperated, have taken to reading directly from the House and the Senate bills at town-hall-style meetings...

Republicans argue that some of the voters' concerns are justified because, they say, the proposals before Congress do not spell out procedures to verify the citizenship of those who would receive health coverage.

After testing their ideas with voters during the recess, Republicans said they would press for verification measures when the health care debate picks up again in Washington.

"The language is there, but without the verification you can't frankly believe it is serious," said Representative Lamar Smith, Republican of Texas, who added that concerns about illegal immigrants were clearly on the minds of citizens he met in his district. Mr. Smith said Democrats "intentionally left gaping loopholes" in the proposals that illegal immigrants could step through...

last week on Fox News, the conservative host Sean Hannity said that a Congressional Research Service report had concluded that the current plan before the House of Representatives "does not contain any restrictions on noncitizens," whether or not they had lawful immigration status.


Fred Elbel

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform