2010 Shows Continuing Increase in Violence
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Zeta Tijuana (Mexico) 1/5/2011 PHOTO

2010: Increase in Drug Violence

There have been 15 journalists, 14 mayors, a candidate for governor and a former governor shot dead and 19, 557 executions in 2010. In the four years President Calderon has been in office, 40, 627 Mexicans have died. The executions are increasing each year: in 2007, there were 2,561; in 2008, up to 6,756; in 2009, higher to 11,753. The article goes on to detail the worst Mexican states for the violence,
the major drug people arrested or killed, and the important people killed. Calderon is criticized numerous times throughout the piece. (Note: See first item in Domestic section which details Mexican cartel operations in Australia.)

http://www.zetatijuana.com/html/Edicion ... cipal.html

La Hora (Guatemala) 1/5/2011

Of 205 Murders on Buses, only 20 Prosecuted

Information collected by a public transportation users association (AUTU) show that there were 205 murders in more than 60 violent acts, also leaving 215 injured. Of these, only 20 were brought before a
court, lamented Edgar Guerra, president of the AUTU, who criticized that there is passivity on the part of the authorities of the country's justice system. A letter has been delivered to the Guatemalan President, Alvaro Colom, and the U.S. Ambassador Stephen McFarland.

http://www.lahora.com.gt/notas.php?key= ... 2011-01-05

El Heraldo de Chihuahua (Mexico ) 1/5/2011 PHOTO/MAP

350 People Stranded due to Snow and Rain

Over the New Year’s weekend, 350 people were stranded in the small town of Janos when authorities closed roads due to rain and snow on Thursday. The police manned checkpoints and directed the people to the municipal shelter where bedding and hot food was provided. Roads were reopened on Monday.

http://www.oem.com.mx/elheraldodechihua ... 912559.htm

Blog del Narco (Mexico) 1/5/2011

Female Narcos: Beautiful...and Dangerous

For many years, women connected with the drug business were used for pleasure by the bosses. In some cases, women are now using their intelligence to rise in their organization where they work. Many work as street peddlers because there is nothing else and no other option to support themselves and families. The money does not always goes to buy their own drugs. One had to pay for protection while her husband was in prison, by smuggling in drugs to him to peddle within the prison. She was threatened that it was the only way to keep him from being killed by the cartel. Others fall in love with cartel members, which usually cost them their life eventually. (Note: one woman was recently hung from a bridge, shortly after being arrested & released) There is no doubt that over the years the number of women rising in the cartels will increase, as there are more opportunities in the ‘workplace’.

http://www.blogdelnarco.com/2011/01/las ... l+Narco%29


El Comercio (Peru) 1/5/2011 PHOTO

Shot 32 Times and only Hand Wounds

Although 32 shots were fired by his attackers, Paolo de la Cruz Jonathan Chong (25) was only brushed by two of them on his hands. He has a criminal history for murder, robbery and weapon possession and
is leader of a gang known as ‘The Ferocious of Loreto’ which is the enemy of another gang ‘Puerto Nuevo’ which was behind the shooting.


Domestic News - United States

Killer cocaine cartel has Sydney in sights-Australia-Mexican Sinaloa cartel
2 more suspects arrested in border agent's death
Border Patrol agents seize more than 6,400 pounds of pot-Texas
http://www.themonitor.com/news/agents-4 ... rgest.html
Mexicans Arrest a Top Figure in Sinaloa Cartel-Tijuana
http://www.laht.com/article.asp?Article ... ryId=14091
Clowns Killed in Alleged Drug Gang Hit in Mexico
3 rescued from burning overturned car-California
Pinal Co. Sheriff Paul Babeu: 'The border is not secure'-Arizona
Agency Responsible for Immigration Enforcement Lacks Basics
CBP Officers in El Paso make several drug seizures during the holiday period-Texas PHOTO
BP agents find assault rifles near river-Texas
http://www.themonitor.com/news/agents-4 ... apons.html
"Destructive Pest" Found in Shipment of Rice at LAX
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