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    May 1: Illegal Immigration Day Defused!

    May 1: Illegal Immigration Day Defused!

    By David Ben-Ariel

    1000's about illegals, no amnesty speak English, fence, BP & ICE. am forwarding this and have marked my calendar on May 1st as shopping day!

    WASHINGTON (AFP) Immigrants' rights advocates, elated by the
    resounding success of Monday's "National Day of Action," which drew the backing of hundreds of thousands of protesters across the United States, now are planning a national boycott which they hope will have an even greater resonance.

    Organizers are planning the May 1 "Great American Boycott," urging illegal immigrants -- who cannot vote and who have only limited political power -- to flex their economic muscle. Protesters are being urged to refrain from shopping, and to stay away from school and work.

    You should take a moment to let that sink in.

    This is a movement orchestrated by people who entered the US
    illegally, and then want to scream about their "rights." WHAT RIGHTS? YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!

    Let's take a look at some of the many benefits that illegal aliens have blessed our great country with: Street gangs, graffitti, drugs, skyrocketing healthcare, depreciation of property value, illiteracy. The list could go on. What they actually have to offer (cheap labor) pales to what they have given our country to deal with. I'll take expensive vegetables over expensive healthcare any day!

    And now, like terrorists, they are going to attack our economy -- the one entity that makes our nation stand out from all the others. The backbone of our nation. The country they came to like locusts so they could reap the benefits is now the focus of their boycott. You've seen it on TV: Marching on our American streets waving their Mexican flags, boldly showing that they can be more racist than who they accuse of, and yet the obvious is totally oblivious to them......


    To all the real Americans, you can do one small thing on May 1st, 2006. It won't be racist, nor will it be violent. It will not be boastful, arrogant, selfish, nor distasteful. It will not be any of those things that our "guests" have already displayed. What it will do is nullify a movement.

    All you have to do is buy something on May 1st. Make up for what they will try to take away. It doesn't have to be a new car or house (unless you were already planning on getting one). It simply needs to be a day of trading.

    Hold off grocery buying until May 1st.

    Take your wife out to eat that night.

    Get the kids pizza, hamburgers, whatever!

    Make several trips to the convenience store.

    Buy your meals at work.

    Fill up your tank.

    Shop for clothes, furniture, outdoor equipment.

    If it needs to be bought, BUY IT MAY 1st!

    Those are just a few suggestions. We're not asking you to spend your inheritance that day, but just to spend more than you normally would. Even if it's only a few dollars, this will help soften the blow that the Mexicans will try to inflict on our economy that day. It sounds trivial at first, but if this idea gets around, what the Mexicans set out to do will fail.

    This email will not self-destruct if you don't send it to someone.
    It will not cause bad luck, nor will it make you impotent.
    It will not do some trick or show a cute little animation if you send it to "X" amount of people.
    You will not get paid for doing it.


    May we not only be a part of the backlash against the economic assault against us by illegal aliens by shopping on May 1st, but by dropping to our knees and counting our blessings and confessing and forsaking our sins, so help us God. ... &id=188166

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    Great idea, I'm in.

    Didn't they try this before and it FAILED? Fasting didn't work either. Marching definitely didn't work (for them).
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    The audacity of illegal aliens never ceases to amaze me. Do they really believe that they will make a difference by not buying anything for 1 day? Maybe Dollar stores and Wal-marts might notice a slight change but thats all.
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    The stupid morons don't get that when they keep their kids out of school, that school looses federal money for all their "special" programs to cater to them. This is what 3rd or 4th year of this? Never made a fact people loved being able to shop and speak and hear English for a change.
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