I bring over his videos quite often from his reality reports...the site has changed a bit not sure who may be interested but here is a new link for his group it is now called RTR.org..I am still trying to work my way around it but some of you may like its format...and information...it confuses me and I thought I was computer savy!!!!(goes to show me)

This is from Restore the Republic Gary Franchi

Gearing up for 2011 and Beyond!

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Gearing up for 2011 and Beyond!

Click to donate: http://bit.ly/rtr-q1 | Transcript: Hi Gary Franchi here from RTR.org, 2011 is finally upon us and we have a lot of work ahead of us... and I wanted to make this video to welcome the thousands of our new members and inspire those who have been with us for so long.

First, lets talk about RTR, I want to make it clear that Restore the republic is not about "me" or RTR as a singular group or organization. RTR is a movement of people who freely assemble to organize independently and act on freedom related issues. RTR is the vehicle for you to reach the people with your ideas, your plans, your energy, not a place to attack each other and divide our effort. RTR must be viewed as your personal online networking and action tool created just for you.

The biggest complaint I have ever heard over the years is that we are all so divided as a movement, while this may be true because the greater Freedom Movement is made of many groups like, Campaign for Liberty, OathKeepers Misses Institute, the Tea Party, Free State Project, Committees of safety, Gun Owners of America, Young Americans for Liberty, Alex Jones Infowarriors, We Are Change groups all on a mission... but what is that mission?.... bottom line to Make America a freer place.

So how does RTR fit with all these groups? Restore the Republic is the only place that is inclusive of all organizations and individuals who have ideals and plans to restore freedom and liberty in America... point blank RTR is thee central hub to meet people from all these organizations and efforts to cross pollinate the tree of liberty with the ideas and actions for freedom, so it doesn't need to be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
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here is the link to his video