From: "Minuteman Border Project" <> Date: 2007/05/10 Thu PM 04:19:01 EST
Subject: [mmbp] MM News: Were terror suspects smuggled into U.S.?

Minuteman News:
Terror Suspects May Have Been Smuggled Across the Border

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Click to Watch Video Illegally Here, Ready to Kill
Were terror suspect brothers smuggled into U.S.?
God Wants Amnesty -- Immigration is a Religious Issue
A coalition of the Christian "elite" funds religious groups to lobby Congress for Amnesty legislation!
Simcox Wins, Rivera Retreats
Simcox Debates Geraldo Rivera on FOX (See Video)
Another border agent charged with murder
A Border Patrol agent shoots an illegal alien armed with a rock.

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1652 Illegal Aliens Sighted; 501 Apprehensions by Border Patrol

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