Gingrich amnesty would not give citizenship but would give U.S. jobs to 3.5 million illegal aliens, says Pew Hispanic Center

The most recent polling finds that Republican voters have elevated Newt Gingrich to presidential frontrunner status.

But it is difficult to believe that those supporting him agree with his amnesty plan, or are even aware that his proposal sounds like it would give U.S. jobs and residency to around 3.5 million illegal aliens (according to a new Pew Hispanic Center study).

Unless Gingrich supporters push him to back off, he is promising a bigger amnesty than the giant blanket amnesty of 1986 that was supposed to be the first and last one ever.

(Watch the recording of our webcast yesterday that focused on the details of Gingrich's official immigration platform.)


Former House Speaker Gingrich agrees wtih Presidents Bush and Obama
that the only major options for illegal aliens are deporting them or
legalizing them (choices that nearly all mainstream media also insist
on). His official immigration platform gives no hint of recognizing
that there is a third option -- Attrition Through Enforcement -- that
eliminates the jobs and benefits magnets for illegal aliens so that
they will self-deport back to their home countries. Thus, Gingrich is
at odds with most of the other GOP candidates and most GOP Members of
Congress who favor the Attrition option.

Since boldly advocating his legalization plan in a debate last week,
he has responded to critics by telling us to read his official “10
Steps to a Legal Nationâ€