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Security loopholes at DHS revealed on CNN's Lou Dobbs - Warn your GOP Senator

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This is an urgent phone request to call your U.S. Senator(s) regarding the major security concerns within DHS that were revealed on CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" program on April 25th.

Rosemary Jenks, NumbersUSA’s Director of Government Relations, and Mike Maxwell, the former head of the Office of Security and Investigations at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, explained why any increase in immigration through an amnesty, a "temporary" worker program, or the provision of more green cards would further compromise an already badly- compromised national security situation.

When asked about the potential for terrorists to take advantage of our immigration system, Mr. Maxwell noted that DHS Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Julie Myers has admitted terrorists are embedded in our society now and using the legal immigration system to do it. Mr. Maxwell also noted that because USCIS can't handle the workload it has now, there is no way the Federal government can claim it can protect national security under an amnesty and "temporary" worker program that adds 10-20 million people to the USCIS workload.

You can view the transcript online at

Your GOP Senator effectively voted for the amnesty-guestworker proposals before Easter by voting in favor of cloture.

Phone your Senator to tell them that, whatever the reason they voted in favor of bringing these massive increases to a vote before Easter, it is clear from the CNN report Tuesday night that they voted the wrong way and should instead vote to keep immigration increases off the Senate floor.

Remind them just how irresponsible it would be right now to endanger the security of the people of your state now that this information from DHS has come to light.

You may want to express outrage at news reports that the Senate is planning on moving forward with the pre-Easter immigration proposals that would not only grant amnesty go to millions of illegal aliens, but also drastically increase the number of foreign workers coming into the country at a time when DHS is already unable to verify the security of all of its immigration processing measures.

For the past eight months, Rosemary Jenks has worked behind-the-scenes with a high-level DHS whistleblower, Mike Maxwell, to expose a major scandal in the DHS and to persuade the Federal government to take these threats seriously.

Mike has revealed that our entire immigration system is corrupted, and the safety of the American people is at stake. The facts of this case raise questions about whether any increase in immigration would be a security threat since DHS cannot handle the current workload in a way that ensures security for Americans.

Copley News Service broke the DHS scandal in early March. Since then, the story has been covered in the Associated Press, the Washington Times, and on the CNN evening news (among other places).

The story really picked up steam after Mike testified before the House International Relations Committee’s International Terrorism and Nonproliferation Subcommittee (chaired by Rep. Ed Royce [R-CA], with whom Rosemary has worked closely to make this happen)..

Some of the frightening highlights of what Mike told Congress and Lou Dobbs:

• DHS is not doing the security screening on large numbers of aliens who are being given work permits, residence, and citizenship;

• Nearly five years after the tragedy of September 11, the DHS still has no idea whether many immigrants are members of organized crime syndicates, are on terrorist watch lists, or have lived sordid lives of crime or other anti-social behavior;

• These immigrant applicants just get waived through the line without full screening. At DHS, granting as many immigration benefits as fast as possible is nearly always the priority over providing for the physical security of American citizens;

• Not only is it virtually impossible for well-meaning DHS employees to provide for our physical security, but many DHS employees are intentionally endangering our lives. There are close to 500 pending complaints of criminal misconduct against DHS employees who are accused of espionage and acceptance of bribes, and even of helping suspected terrorists get permission to live here! Unfortunately, these cases are not being aggressively pursued because the agency's leadership refuses to provide the personnel or resources necessary to investigate them. On top of all that, employees with allegations pending often continue to hold great power over who enters the country.

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