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    NumbersUSA- Supreme Court Seems Likely to Uphold Key Parts of Arizona's Immigration

    Supreme Court Seems Likely to Uphold Key Parts of Arizona's Immigration Enforcement Law; Justices Critical of Admin.

    Pres. Obama's Justice Department SHOULD NOT be suing states like Arizona to prevent them from enforcing laws against illegal immigration!

    Instead of fighting states, the federal government should be helping states defend themselves. We need more states to act as has Arizona. Don't you agree? Most people do. Two-thirds of American voters back Arizona, according to a new national poll.

    Fortunately, Obama's lawsuit against Arizona didn't play well at the U.S. Supreme Court. During oral arguments this week, a majority of the justices seemed hostile to the Justice Department's case. They appeared likely to rule in favor of Arizona on the most important parts of Arizona's get-tough law, S.B. 1070. or click

    NumbersUSA believes America needs more tough state enforcement laws, not fewer. We work tirelessly to influence state legislatures across the country to pass immigration enforcement bills of their own. Van Esser of our staff is in constant touch with key legislators in every state, helping them get these bills through. If you live in one of the states debating bills like mandatory E-Verify, then you know how hard we work to get our million members to support enforcement bills.

    Here are your four action steps for today:
    1. Send Fax Rebuking Pres. Obama.

    We want President Obama to be swamped with faxes from our members protesting his unwise and highly destructive lawsuit against the state of Arizona. If the federal government cannot or will not do its job, it should be thanking states for picking up the slack. Send this fax now. As always, these faxes are provided to our members at absolutely no cost. Please donate today to help us cover the costs.

    2. Send Fax to Your State Legislators.

    Several states have mandated E-Verify or have passed other enforcement bills. However, most states have not acted. The needed state enforcement laws aren't going to pass themselves. Only massive "people pressure" from our members will convince state legislators across America that they must act. Send this fax now to your state representatives, asking them to make immigration enforcement widespread and mandatory. Faxing state officials is a pretty new feature for us and is extremely expensive. Please donate to help us keep it going.

    3. Watch Replay of Yesterday's Webcast.

    Most of our members are deeply interested in this Supreme Court case. The ruling, expected in June, will affect enforcement across America. For in-depth, fascinating coverage of what happened Wednesday at the Supreme Court, and what the case means, watch the webcast that was recorded yesterday. We have had over 100,000 viewers of our webcasts. Kinda pricey, but absolutely necessary to our mission. Please help pay with a donation.

    4. Make Donation To Help Pay Phone Bill.

    It's expensive for us to send you emails and to pay the massive fax-phone bills. Webcasts are high cost, as is hiring the best lobbying, content, and tech teams in Washington. Each month, we need about 1% of our active members to make a gift. We're far from making the goal this month, yet our activity and our successes are extraordinary! Please donate today! or click

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    NUMBERSUSA deserves support...Anyone remember MayDay in Denver a few years ago when illegals thought they were going to get amnesty? Numbers was very active and imo instrumental in stopping that near loss. We loaded every method of communication to Sen. Cornyn's (TX) office for one.

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