From: Roy Beck <> Add to Address Book
Date: 2006/03/13 Mon AM 04:31:39 EST
Subject: Tips for this week's battle .... Feedback from you & Congress

From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Monday 13MAR06 2:30 a.m. EST

Tips for this week's battle .... Feedback from you & Congress


I hope you are ready for another week of protecting our communities from the U.S. Senate -- and from massive new waves of foreign workers to feed the cheap wages appetite of today's Robber Barons.

"Roy, you wrote in your Update at
the end of the week that 'Sen.
Specter has said he expects to
have a committee vote on his whole
bill by the end of next year ... '
Didn't you mean 'end of next week' or 'end
of next month'?"
----------Joe G. (and many others)

What an error! I meant to say that Sen. Specter hopes that his Senate Judiciary Committee will vote to approve his massive amnesty/foreign worker bill by this Friday, 17MAR06.

This is a week for you to please respond quickly when you get an Action Alert with links to specific actions that are needed.


A staffer to a western Senator told us last week that calls AGAINST amnesty and higher immigration are in the overwhelming majority in Capitol Hill offices.

But, he said, staffers for Senators who work in offices in the home state tend to hear mostly from those pushing FOR amnesty and higher immigration.

The reason is that home offices handle constituent services. Immigrants, illegal aliens and businesses seeking foreign workers comprise a large part of the requests made of many Senate offices, this staffer told us.

In fact, last week, Sen. Durbin of Illinois said that 85% of the constituent services provided by his offices relates to immigration. (Interesting, that actual voters of Illinois only get 15% of Durbin's attention!)

Consequently, when the Senators go back to their home states and spend time with their staffers there, they mostly hear about the huge desire of people in their state for more greencards and visas.

So, please, call as many of the home state offices as possible when you are delivering phone messages. It is imperative that the local Senate staffers feel as much pressure from our side as do the staffers here in the Capitol.

For those of you who say you can't afford to pay the long-distance charges for calling Washington, please look for local phone numbers you can call.
in this email:
At least half the knowledge we have that arms us for the fight in the Senate Judiciary Committee either comes in emails from you or comes to us from Congress in response to your phoning and faxing.

This email has a bunch of those kinds of items.

I hope you have time to peruse this email to put you in a certain frame of mind for the week's activities ... and to pick up some ideas that might be helpful to you.

1. Senate staffer tells us to be sure to CALL THE SENATORS' HOME STATE OFFICES, TOO

2. COUNT OF ALL THE FAXES you have been sending.



5. Two 2008 Presidential hopefuls ask advice from NumbersUSA -- we give advice to DHS Sec. Cherthoff

actions in brief:
Throughout this week, you will be getting emails from us with direct links to fax and phone opportunities.

Check for your latest free faxes to send to Congress & the Administration at:
donate now:
This faxing system is 100% financed by the voluntary generosity of the 120,000-
plus Americans who use it.

Please click here to make any sized donation to keep this grassroots phenomenon strong and effective.


The only thing that is slowing down most Senators in their quest for nearly open borders is their sense that the public will be truly angry with them.

Your faxes day in and day out are an essential part of giving Senators that sense.

Following are the faxes that you ordered through our website recently. Most went to Senators, and most of those went to Members of the Judiciary Committee.

...........13,417 faxes on Friday.
...........11,374 faxes on Thursday.
...........43,674 faxes on Wednesday.
...........18,956 faxes on Tuesday.
...........10,102 faxes on Monday.
.............6,304 faxes on the Friday before.
...........17,201 faxes on Thursday before.
...........32,553 faxes on Wednesday before.
...........39,536 faxes on the Tuesday before.

It takes a lot of money to send all of those faxes every day.

"I have been trying for over an hour now to send the latest fax but your servers are being blocked!!!"
----------D. Newman

We've encountered the website being down several times during the last week during peak activity periods. But nobody is blocking us. Our equipment, bandwidth and software are just not up to the high demand. Success is our downfall. Good problem to have. But if we are to hold off the power of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, various national unions and a slew of giant organizations working to globalize U.S. labor markets and occupations -- if we are to hold them off, we must grow our active citizen base by tenfold. That means constantly raising money for technical expansion.

That is the reason we are pushing so hard on our Technical Great Leap Forward II fundraising campaign.

If you have never made a donation, please consider pitching in at least ten bucks right now. You can give on-line, through the mail, over the phone, by credit card, check, PayPal, stock or used car!

"If only I had millions of dollars. You'd get a huge push from me. As it is, I am only a janitor doing a job which 'no American will do'. And even though I am a descendent of Plymouth Rock Pilgrims, my place in this society is
being given to..uh..well, you know. Therefore I thank you mightily."
----------Christopher M., Yates, Kansas

"Thanks for representing us in this battle. I just sent a Pay Pal donation of $50.00 to Numbers USA because I know that I can trust you and your organization to represent us when our elected representatives won't. They won't that is unless we have your help in pressuring them to do so. I multiply my power a hundred fold with your help in coordinating our calls, faxes, and emails. Thank you."
----------Jon Hanson, Dove Canyon, CA


We sent an Alert to you in the middle of last week to quickly call your own U.S. Representative and ask him/her to sign a strongly worded letter to Sen. Specter (R-PA) that was drafted by Rep. Tancredo (R-CO).

Thanks very much to your bringing this so quickly to the attention of some of our better alllies in the House, the signatures came fairly fast. We understand that Tancredo is still trying to gather a few more before sending it over to Sen. Specter.

View the letter here.

More than 50 Representatives have taken the unusual path of openly challenging a chairman of the other chamber of Congress. But what a great challenge: "Forget your amnesty/mass foreign worker bill and pass something like the H.R. 4437 enforcement bill the House passed."

We are getting deep intelligence from within the Senate that many Senate offices truly believe that the House won't budge if the Senate tries to send something other than an enforcement bill back to the House.

That can cause some Senators to be reluctant to want to take the risk of satisfying their Robber Baron campaign contributors and engendering the ire of the voters with mass foreign worker increases when such provisions have no chance of getting through the House.

Thus, you can see, one of our most powerful weapons is to help the House give off as strong of an image as possible.

If you haven't phoned your Representative to sign this letter, you have most of Monday before it is too late. Again, thanks to all of you who did so much phoning last week.


"I phoned every Senator on the Judiciary Committee voicing my opinion against Senator Specter and Kennedy/McCain bill. I am very happy to help to save our nation."
----------Sandra Handzlik

"(Talking points on Action Buffet) very helpful. I had not phoned before and I used your talking points."
----------Heidi Wright, California

"I just talked to a staffer in Sen. Chuck Schumer's office, and she said perkily, 'We've had a lot of calls about that!' Ha, ha! I bet they have! I talked to the staffer in Senator Kennedy's office, and she said he had just issued some statement saying that he opposes illegal immigration. Yeah, sure."
----------Jane Russell

"I phoned my infamous Senator Ted Kennedy's office this morning. I spoke with a staff member who claimed this new legislation is not providing amnesty for the 12+ Million illegals. He said I was speaking in 'generalizations' that had nothing to do with fact. My blood is boiling, and I am sick of being told I don't know what I am talking about. Your Humble and Obedient Servant,"
----------Al Van Wert, Mass.

"They gave me the standard line that Sen. McCain does not support amnesty, but he 'supports guest worker with pathway to normalisation."
----------Thomas Wells, Phoenix.

We are hearing from a lot of you that the most notorious suporters of amnesty -- like Sen. McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) -- are claiming that the bills they support are NOT amnesties.

You have to be ready immediately to ask if allowing an illegal alien to stay permanently in the U.S. is an amnesty -- because that is what anybody is doing if they support the McCain/Kennedy bill and the Specter bill. By any dictionary or law dictionary definition, allowing illegal aliens to remain legally in the U.S. is an amnesty.

If you get a staffer who is trained in Orwellian Doublespeak, you may just want to simply say that whether or not they will admit it is an amnesty, you speak for the majority of Americans who reject rewarding illegal behavior by foreign citizens by giving them the right to live in the U.S. indefinitely.

By the way, we have gotten lots of reports of staffers hanging up once citizens begin telling what they are calling about. I just want to assure you that even when that happens, you have made an important impact in making your call.

"I have used your site many times to fax Representatives and many times, that today I received a call from my Representative's office in Washington telling me that I have sent an over abundance of faxs to his office and that they would 'prefer' hand written letters. Told them that I would contintue to fax each and everyone of my state rep's until something is done about the immigration problem we have here in Michigan. Thanks NumbersUSA, I couldn't have done it without you."
----------Alice Denstedt

"I have called each on the list!! I told them that I don't want to bring in more foreign health workers but that I want them to send American health workers overseas with our government paying them to help alleviate their suffering and to create goodwill instead of lowering more their wages with so much foreign competition. And that as a Latino myself, and with an accent even after 30 years, I experience mistreatment because people think I am illegal and regular Americans are fed up with so many here. Hope this helps."

"They have been getting a lot of calls. At this time those who oppose the (amnesty bill) vs. those who support is very even at this time! Please keep calling in opposition to this Bill!"
----------T. Parnther, Florida

"I talked at length with a staffer. He claimed you were 'twisting' the bill (S1033) and that it had all kinds of enforcement provisions. As to 'amnesty,' he at first claimed that was not a major factor, but as the discussion progressed seemed convinced that the people already here illegally 'would never leave' and so 'giving them amnesty', with the bills 'requirements for background checks and documentation' was the only possible solution. He agreed that enforcement of prior laws was essentially non-existant, but seemed convinced that this one 'would be enforced'. He didn't seem to know who was going to do all this documentation, but seemed convinced the 'customs service' could handle it no problem."
----------John Hertig, Tucson, AZ

You do NOT have to argue with staffers, when you call. If you don't want to debate, just simply say that all you want is for the staffer to record your position on this issue.

But IF you would like to make further impact with a staff, you can make a strong impact by having our comparison charts on the screen in front of you. That allows you to speak specifically about various portion of the bad bills.

Compare Specter's bill with the H.R. 4437 passed by the House in December.

Compare the McCain/Kennedy, the Cornyn/Kyle and other guestworker bills.

If staffers ask what you are reading, or your source, don't hesitate to tell them you are using the NumbersUSA legislative analysis and offer them the url.

"McCain's staffer said we couldn't deport them all,( illegal aliens), and we need many of them to work."
----------Warren Church, New York

"I called Senators DeWine, Graham, Brownback, and Kennedy and expressed my dismay at their positions. Sen. Kennedy's staffer pressed me and asked if I was reading from a script because this was about the 40th call this morning saying the
same thing--I told him no, I'm not reading from a script but speaking from my knowledge and my outrage as a taxpayer who is sick of being ignored. He continued to press and reiterate that the calls they've received all say the same thing--I said 'helloooo--maybe senators like Sen. Kennedy should wake up and listen!"
----------Ann Blazer, Montana

"McCain's DC office was on the answering machine: left message.
Arizona office was more interested in getting my name. phone # and address so I ended up delivering a monologue. Aside from talking points, I told 'em I used to be a sustaining member of the Republican Party but now am sending money directly to those
politicians that are against open borders. McCain is off my list, Feinstein is on."
----------James Mathieu, California

"Staffer said the place is getting slammed. She said lots of folks are hopping mad. She said I bet no one has
thought of it the way I told her. I asked since the Senator is pushing an amnesty program for illegals, when will petty criminals get this from our jails? After all they both have committeed crimes. Why enforce laws against citizens when you don't against illegals?"
----------Charles Knicely, New Concord

"Sen. McCain was my HERO -- til now. I am so dissappointed!! I WAS hoping he would be our next President. Now, I hope Sen.
Feinstein runs for Pres."
----------Sherry Arnsby, Poulsbo, Washington

A number of people expressed similar positive sentiment about Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) because of the statements she made in the Judiciary Committee that were better than most Members of the committee in either party. The positive response she is getting from our activists should be a good signal for Democrats to see how easily they can pick up Independents, wavering Democrats and even some Republicans if they would actually stand up for American workers. But Sen. Feinstein's mixed voting record indicates that she needs lots of encouragement before we can be assured she will do the right thing all the way down the line.

"Sen. Hatch staffer said getting calls every 3 or 4 minutes.
Said Sen. Hatch supports drastic increases in legal immigration to solve the illegal immigration problem. We need to convince him with more calls that this is not the answer Americans want!"

5. Two 2008 Presidential hopefuls ask advice from NumbersUSA -- we give advice to DHS Sec. Cherthoff

A sign that grassroots opposition to out-of-control immigration has reached critical political mass:

Staff of two 2008 presidential hopefuls have sought detailed input from NumbersUSA about practical ways to immediately reduce illegal immigration. Time will tell whether they follow through to become true champions of sensible immigration. But we are seeing some signs lately that they are paying attention.

NumbersUSA recently encountered Secretary Cherthoff of the Department of Homeland Security. In a quick exchange, we made these points with him:

Every time the Bush Administration does anything related to enforcement, it undermines. We gave a long list of particulars. If the Administration would actually start enforcing the law, people would begin to self-deport. Just a little enforcement goes a long way and over time the illegal population would eliminate itself. Took us 20 years to get 12 million. What's wrong with taking 10 years to whittle the illegal population down below a million by starting the self-deporting now?

Cherthoff's answer was that the public wouldn't accept it taking that long to handle the illegal population and that they want it handled immediately.

Sadly, the Bush Administration takes the pressure all of us bring to bear and use it to justify providing legal status for all illegal aliens, claiming that that provides the immediate fix to illegal immigration that all of you are requesting!


"First, I have to say, I'm an environmentalist and NumbersUSA is the best environmental organization I've ever supported! Actually, the best organization, period. Sometimes I get into a discussion with folks who are concerned about the issue but have no idea that they can do something about it. Recently, for instance, my barber, who immigrated here legally (and with difficulty) from Italy in the 1950s was complaining about the extent of illegal immigration. I asked him what he was doing about it and he looked at me like I was nuts--what could he, a simple barber, do? I asked if he had internet access (he does, dial up) and told him about It would have helped if I could have given him a card that had the name and email address on it."

Great news. Thousands of citizens have distributed hundreds of thousands of NumbersUSA business cards.

Although we offer them for no charge, our most common way of distributing them is when people mail us a check and include a request for an initial supply of 25 cards. Then, if you find you are using the cards really rapidly, order a larger batch.

The cards have the red and green population chart that shows the role of immigration in our ever-increasing congestion. And it gives people the website address.


The generosity of your donations is surpassed only by the generosity of your emailed comments to us.

Your whole team at NumbersUSA is humbled by your devotion to the cause of immigration reduction and your trust in our ability to help you deliver YOUR message to Congress. You have inundated us with encouraging emails, and I want you to enjoy some of them with us.

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for all you do for America. I am first generation immigrant, and very proud and grateful for all this country has given me."
----------Beatriz C.

"Glad to be able to help again, Roy. You and our team at Numbersusa are doing a great job. We are winning the battles now, and I am confident we'll win the war. More and more folks are waking up, and they don't like what they see."
----------Jack Weir

"I was happy to contribute to your cause. It is good. But I do not like contribution solicitation letters virtually every other day. If you have to do this, then I shall have to unsubscribe or treat your e-mails as SPAM."
-----------Richard T., Portland, Oregon

Actually, for the last month, we have been sending a fundraising email once a week -- not every other day. During most of the year, we send one only once a month. We happen to be in a big push right now to meet some capital needs to enable us to deliver the strongest pressure possible on the Senate.

It would be wonderful to not have to ask for money, but we are a non-profit that by law must raise at least one-third of our funds from individuals like you. While we are always looking for foundations and wealthy individuals to boost our effectiveness, we can only raise from them as we get support from you.

Last week, I mentioned a faxer named Bob who complained about our asking previous donors to contribute again. Here are some of your responses:

"I was quite taken aback (as you may have been also) at the vehemence of Bob's flame regarding you asking ALL your membership for support. I'm sure he was just having a bad day and you at NumbersUSA were not really the source of his ire: you just keep in touch so well he felt comfortable unloading on you!

"Anyone familiar with non-profits know that they are never completely 'self-sufficient' (as Bob said NumbersUSA should be by now)." That's why they're called non-profits! I am happy to hear from you, good news or bad, and I will continue to support you—in crises, in my automatic monthly donations, whatever. Go! Go! Go!"
----------Becky P., California

"I didn't care for some of language in Bob's email, I don't feel that you are 'whining.' Raising money is a necessary evil and I'm sure a pain in the rear to deal with. It is good to hear your responses though. I can't tell you how much I value what you guys are doing."
----------Brent Munhofen, Austin

"Don't worry, Roy, Bob was not pissed off, he just felt like a lot of us 'gray beards' do that sometimes the young bucks are not pulling their weight and he had to have his say. We all realize how small our voice is but also realize the impact that all of us can have by pulling together to make this great Nation survive. Let me see if I can scrape a little butter and egg money together one more time."
----------Jim Smith

Click here to donate.

"I want to let you know how happy I am that I found you. I have been with you for several months now. I can't afford to contribute right now, but I will soon. I would like nothing more that to help right now but I can't. My husband worked for the same company for 14 years. He was a foreman for a foundation repair company here in Texas. The company owner had been saying how business was slow and all the new companies were hiring illegals and he could not compete with the prices on his bids. He closed down the company and reopened the business under a new name and has illegal labor now. My husband is still out of work and is in school now. We have used all our savings and are now getting help from my parents, until my husband is working. As soon as we can, we will help. Keep up the fight, we know first hand how this affects Americans and their jobs."
----------C. Pratt

"I want to thank you for the efforts you have made to make life a bit better for all of us. I am very poor, disabled, have had around 20 surgeries in the past 25 years, and still need more...I wish I could send much more. I KNOW that it is only through the efforts of the strong that we can keep our nation and our culture. Our forefathers gave us this nation through incredibly courageous efforts, pledging their personal wealth and their very lives to fight the English, the world's most powerful nation. I can afford little, but at least that I WILL give."
----------Doug Stansbury

"I have promised myself that I won't send any more faxes until I bring my 'dues' up to date. I haven't forgotten the excellent research work you are doing."
----------P. G.

NumbersUSA Help Desk wrote back: "Please send the faxes first! Your most important donation is ACTION! Your distant 2nd most important donation is money."

"I am very disabled with a tremendous back injury. As you know I can only send a small donaton just a couple times a year. But I feel I do my part in writing faxes and calling my Senators and The house of Representatives. Believe me when I say they all know my name for I use your tools to the max!

"I wish I could get our members to understand that it is the quantity of donations you receive not the amount so much. If all of our 135,000 everyday users like myself would only see it their way to send just a five dolar check. That would take care of your growing pains very nicely. I have been with you guys from the start and have enjoyed the growing number of Americans that are finally realizing that it is up to us and others like us to pound and vote out the very bad politicians that do harm to this country by allowing the massive influx of the illegals and legals swarm into our nation of ours.

"Just think if almost every member of ours would send just Five dollars. That would be over $500,000 in one shot and your spcial donators would kick in their doubles we would have around One Million Five Hundred thousand dollars to really go after these illegals that take our jobs. So Jon or Jeremy, please ask Roy if you can print this plea to my fellow activists to really get the job done by allowong you to create better tools we can use and have enough Money to do so much more."
----------Ben Kellerman

Click here to donate.


I'll close this morning by quoting ALIPAC, an immigration-reduction organization out of North Carolina, that wrote the following this last week about more and more signs of momentum or our side.

We are pleased to report that the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act has passed in the Senate by a WIDE MARGIN!

Details found at this link

Our hats are off to the fine people of Georgia, the Georgia lawmakers, DA King of the Dustin Inman Society, and all of the ALIPAC Activists that helped pass this bill.

This great news follows reports of success in Tennessee where they cut off licenses to illegal aliens last week.

Arizona is considering more measures and has finally sent the National Guard to the border. The order has been signed and the troops should be deploying soon!

Details at these links

AZ Senate Demands National Guard Troops be sent to the Border!

Gov. Janet Napolitano signs order to deploy Arizona National Guard!

Virginia has soundly defeated the in-state tuition for illegal aliens attempt!

Details at this link

The only cloud on the horizon is that the Kansas Legislature NARROWLY upheld in-state tuition for illegals by a few votes. It looks like this November is the time when the 80+% of the voters in Kansas need to kick a few of these illegal alien supporters OUT OF OFFICE!

Details at this link

These victories show that the momentum is on our side now and Americans from coast to coast are taking action, organizing, and focusing their time and funds on taking our nation back!

You may want to forward this email to all of your state leaders so they can see that State Governments across America are now "Doing the jobs the federal government won't do!"

Some of you may want to send DA King a note of congratulations and perhaps some financial support. Here is a link to his website.

The Dustin Inman Society

Our hats are off to all of you for everything you are doing at every level.


-- ROY