From the good folks at Oregonians for Immigration Reform. If you live in Cali, oops, Oregon please forward a copy of the article to your useless state legislator.

May 20, 2009

OFIR members and supporters:

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Below is another story about another drug bust involving illegal aliens. At least 13 of those arrested were put on ICE holds. Do you suppose anyone in the Oregon Legislature noticed?


23 arrested in Washington County as part of drug-trafficking investigation

by John Snell, The Oregonian

Tuesday May 19, 2009, 5:09 PM

HILLSBORO - More than 200 police officers from throughout the state swept through Portland and Washington County this morning, serving 13 warrants and arresting nearly two-dozen people.

The operation was conducted by the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team, said Sgt. David Thompson, spokesman for the team. (To see a map of the locations searched, go here.)

Three special-tactics teams from area police agencies were involved in the raids, as were special agents from the FBI and representatives of the Oregon National Guard, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Thompson said state, local and county law enforcement agencies were also involved in the Tuesday morning raids. He said the raids were conducted in an operation led by WIN and the Oregon Justice Department, and were part of an ongoing investigation of drug trafficking in the Metro area.

Twenty-three people were arrested. No injuries were reported, Thompson said.

Thompson provided no other details, including a listing of specific accusations against specific individuals, saying only that WIN planned to announce details of the raid next week.

Among those arrested were:

Joaquin Tapia-Martinez, 50; Manuel Aguilar, 48; Jose Chavez-Guiterrez, 20; Ruban Infante-Perez, 41; Elvin Guerra-Pedreanez, 27; Gonzalo Teran-Arango, 23; Florentino Villasenor-Trejo, 47; Fausto Mendoza-Fortanell, 48; Rajneel Singh, 23; Sigifredo Herrera-Cruz, 36; Maria Torres-Gonzalez, 55; Ruben Castaneda-Silva, 41; Amelia Juarez, 56; Yutzuky Madrano-Palazuelos, 21; Norma Leon-Gutierrez, 20; Mario Perez-Sandoval, 44; Pedro Gaona-Chavez, 46; Israel Mendoza-Vasquez, 30; and Jaime Martinez-Martinez , 27.

-- John Snell;

The below persons were arrested today on the listed charges (not all names are available at this time). They were all booked into the Washington County Jail:

1. Joaquin Tapia-Martinez (8-11-58 ) (ICE Hold)
2. [Juarez,] Manuel Aguilar (9-14-60) (ICE Hold)
3. Jose [Luis] Chavez-Guiterrez (3-7-79) (WCC Hold)
4. Ruban Infante-Perez (7-2-67) (ICE Hold)
5. Elvin Guerra-Pedreanez (7-12-81) (WCC Hold)
6. Gonzalo [Daniel] Teran-Arango (6-25-85) (WCC Hold)
7. Florentino Villasenor-Trejo (9-3-61) (ICE Hold)
8. Fausto Mendoza-Fortanell (1-25-61) (ICE Hold)
9. Rajneel Singh (9-12-85) (Unknown Status)
10. Sigifredo Herrera-Cruz (10-14-72) (ICE Hold)
11. Maria [Concepci] Torres-Gonzalez (1-4-54) (ICE Hold)
12. Ruben Castaneda-Silva (9-30-67) (ICE Hold)
13. Amelia Juarez (11-19-52) (Posted Bail)
14. Yutzuky Medrano-Palazuelos (5-31-87) (ICE Hold)
15. Norma [Lorena] Leon-Gutierrez (7-17-68 ) (ICE Hold)
16. Mario Perez-Sandoval (5-10-65) (ICE Hold)
17. Pedro Gaona-Chavez (10-11-62) (WCC Hold)
18. Israel Mendoza-Vasquez (3-28-79) (Unknown Status)
19. Jaime Martinez-Martinez (4-5-82) (ICE Hold)